Hand paddles are essential equipment for every swimmer’s training either you are beginner or professional swimmers when it comes to swimming efficiency, enhancing the speed and improving endurance. If you choose to swim with paddles, you get more power and leverage to level up your pull motion, concentrates more on your upper body including back, chest, arms and shoulders,  and strengthens your swimming stroke. And there are no doubts that some experienced swimmers who have a variety of pairs of hand paddles to use in their training purposes. 

To effectively crushing in the pool, the best paddles can help a swimmer properly well-positioned the hands, gets a better feel for the water and develops your swim-related muscles. Hence, it is very crucial to pick the right fit hand paddle matching to your swimming needs. Here is the list that can help you do ease of decision making, check it out right away and hope these Best Swimming Hand Paddles can help you ramp up your swimming techniques and performance. 

What is Hand Paddle?

hand paddle is a tool that swimmers wear for swimming and training. The paddle is made by a plastic plate that swimmers wear on their palm and there is elastic cords to tie up the back of swimmers’ hands and plates sometimes come with hole patterns.

Benefits of Swimming Hand Paddles 

You may question of what is a hand paddle used for? Most of the swimmers from beginning to professional level commonly look for good hand paddles to enhance their swimming performance. This increases the resistance which develops your muscles to power up your swim stroke. Furthermore, getting strong paddles stops you from flowing water through your fingers and creates core strength on your arms.

When using hand paddles in training, it is not just helping to improve your upper body strength,  but it also ramps up your swimming techniques by increasing your distance per swimming stroke and the speed. Therefore, if you feel a lot of resistance when you pull, then your hands are properly placed and you force the maximum amount of water under your body to make you move forward.

For those who are the beginner swimmer or those who never have swim paddles before, I believe having the paddles as your new stimulus associated with your training will allow you to see the significant in swimming improvements. If you practise your swimming between three and five times per week, chances that you will see the increase in your swimming efficiency, and that is how you can develop yourself to become a better swimmer although you take them off.

List of Best Hand Paddles in 2022

10.FINIS Freestyler Hand Paddles

FINIS Freestyler Hand Paddles

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Just like its name, the Finis Freestyler swim paddles are specifically designed for the freestyle swimming strokes. This hand paddles are a good option for professionals and other users who prefer freestyle competitions. One feature of this paddle that helps the user, is its pointed front.

This special swim paddles will help swimmers have a more balanced body position. Besides that, it does not even require much time at all for being adapted to use these hand paddles. Preferably, it will help you cut down training time in just a few laps. Overall, it is one of your wisest options, if you have passed the beginner stages.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Great for professional swimming
  • Reduce shoulder stress

A Little to Perfection

  • The material might be a bit weak

9. Speedo Power Plus Paddles

Speedo Power Plus Paddles

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If you want to get high-quality hand paddles for swimming, then the Speedo products will be one of your considerations for sure. In 2022, the Speedo Power Plus paddle is one of the best swim paddles for training without a doubt. If you want to boost your body strength while swimming, then these swim paddles are exactly what you need for certain.

The paddle offers some particular features, which can help it achieves the user’s purpose while swimming. In addition, there are several different sizes you can choose, allowing users to get a pair that fits with their training levels.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Available in four sizes and four colors as well
  • Have scalloped edges to improve efficiency
  • Can be adjusted to fit any size of a palm

A Little to Perfection

  • Users may need to buy bigger sizes when they are ready to increase swimming resistance and power abilities.

8. FINIS Agility Paddles Floating – Hand Paddles

FINIS Agility Paddles Floating - Hand Paddles

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Finis company produces so many different kinds of products, but the Finis agility swim paddle is being loved most from so many different levels of users and taking too much of the attention right now. We guarantee that this paddle is the swimmers’ best choice, and it is one of the best hand paddles for swimming, that can be used by every swimmer.

This swimming paddle is popular from many people, not only from swim learners, but also from so many trainers. Because this hand paddle is designed to be used for all swim level swimmers, so, couches just need to buy one to train other people, which means they can save money.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Suitable for all level of swimmers, and all swim stroke types
  • Its ergonomic design encourages proper hand positioning
  • Has several different sizes
  • Safe design

A Little to Perfection

  • Some beginners may find it a little more demanding to start with

7. Whale Hand Paddles for Swimming and Training

Whale Hand Paddles for Swimming and Training

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Sometimes, you do not have enough budget to purchase swimming gear for improving your swimming performance, and you also fear to waste your valuable money for buying wrong hand paddles, but you cannot afford an expensive alternative either, Whale will help you to solve those problems. It offers some of the most affordable swim paddles. 

In addition, its curved shape can also help you improve your performance while swimming. Moreover, Whale hand paddles are made of polypropylene material which is good quality and also lightweight.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Affordable price
  • Available in different sizes

A Little to Perfection

  • The straps may need to be adjusted for some users

6. Synergy Broad Blade Paddle – Improving Training Performance 

Synergy Broad Blade Paddle - Improving Training Performance 

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This is another very well-designed product that genuinely makes the swimmer’s every moment very enjoyable. Synergy hand paddle can help you improve your swimming skill from beginner level to professional levels. You will be able to improve your performance very soon with this hand paddles.

Moreover, this product is not only improving your swimming efficiency, but it is also very useful in guiding a kayak or other small boat on the water. However, they are mainly designed to help you strengthen your upper body and make better your strokes.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Can be used with any stroke and level of power
  • Broad to provide a large surface area
  • Have holes to make the flow of water natural

A Little to Perfection

  • The paddles may seem a little broad for some users

5. Speedo Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves

Speedo Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves

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This product is different from other products in this article since it is a swimming glove. But its effect is never less than the products mentioned above. Speedo Aqua Fit swim gloves provide the same or even better function like the other swim hand paddles in the market. 

Speedo Aqua Fit Swim training gloves adapted the concept similar to those rubber hand paddles that we may see in the market place. But it is the best swimming paddle for your training, since it is fitted perfectly and wrapped around your hand tightly even including fingers. It is like turtle’s fins that can help you move faster under the water.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Dries quickly
  • Excellent for water resistance training
  • Help to increase efficiency

A Little to Perfection

  • A bit expensive price

4. HEAD Contour Paddle for Swimming – Hydrodynamic Hand Paddles

HEAD Contour Paddle for Swimming - Hydrodynamic Hand Paddles

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You would love so much this paddle’s hydrodynamic design and its other attractive features, that has made it qualify as one of the best swim paddles for professional training. One of the most attractive functions of the Head Contour Swim paddle is that it truly and importantly helps users boost their swimming power and stroke techniques.

Besides, there are some holes in this paddle so that you can have a good feel of the water. The ergonomic design is very amazing, and the contoured design of the paddle is meant to expect a pull posture.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Efficient performance
  • Easy to maintain
  • The paddles accommodate all swimmer
  • Durable plastic construction

A Little to Perfection

  • There is inadequate size option available

3. Contour Hand Paddles – Best Swim Paddles for Men and Women 

Contour Hand Paddles - Best Swim Paddles for Men and Women 

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Contour swim training hand paddles are considered one of the perfect swim, that are also designed to improve your overall performance and skills. The training swim paddles has a unique shape and design, and it has become more popular within a relatively short time. You would be fascinated of all the useful features that make the paddle just excellent.

The paddle is designed to be used for all level of swimming, it would be great swimming gear for the beginner and intermediate swimmers. Last but not least, just like the other swimming paddles in our article, the Contoured paddle also reduces resistance for the users.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Has holes that can feel the water 
  • The rubber straps are adjustable to fit the user
  • Great for practicing and improving your swimming skills
  • Ergonomic design
  • The straps can be adjustable

A Little to Perfection

  • The paddle does not have various size options

2. SpeedShop Strokemaker Swimming Hand Paddles

SpeedShop Strokemaker Swimming Hand Paddles

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Speedshop Strokemakers swimming hand paddles can offer you several benefits such as letting you feel more of water while swimming. Strokemakers are also ideal for water aerobics and improve your body condition as they boost strength and swimming skills. It is available in 7 different sizes from kids to adults regardless of gender.

Besides that, it also works best to release stress from your shoulder and build muscle. Moreover, Strokemaker Swim paddle is flexible and designed with holes to improve a swimmer’s feel of the water. The sizes for the product are coded in different colors.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Best for both professional swimmers and armature swimmers
  • Affordable price

1. Speedo I.M. Hand Paddles – Tech Swim Paddles

Speedo I.M. Hand Paddles - Tech Swim Paddles

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Speedo I.M. is another swimming paddle that works best for all swimming stroke types, hence making you save some costs that would have been required in getting particular paddles for all four swim strokes. If you want to become a professional swimmer, then this brand of the paddle will help you achieve your dream relatively in a short time.

Once you see its design, you will find out that, this paddle is designed to provide a multiple stroke skill that can facilitate every swimmer’s catch, pull, and feel swimming actions. This paddle will also help you expect the right positions for your hand, and of course, boost your strength and resistance as well.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Good quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Ideal types of swim paddles
  • Tiny holes for user-friendly experience for swimmers 
  • Can help users to make a smooth stroke

A Little to Perfection

  • It might not be the best option for beginners.

Why Should You Swim With Hand-Paddles? | Swim Stronger In Your Next Triathlon by Global Triathlon Network

Buying Guides To Choosing Best Hand Paddles in 2022

Before you buy your swim paddle, there are some important things you should know. Since there are various types and shapes of products, it is essential to have enough knowledge to make sure that you pick the right pair that will satisfy your requirements.


Hand paddles are designed to serve on different purposes in your swimming. Some pairs are created to improve your swimming stroke, some are specifically made for techniques. You can also check it the paddles encourage your high elbow and correct your positioning, and level of your arm extension and a proper catch. For professional training, there are also swim paddles that aimed at help pro swimmers to achieve gold medals in competition. Hence, you should choose paddles that match to your level of expertise as some are for beginners while others are for experts, but others can be widely used all classes of swimmers.

Understanding what performance and purpose each pair will accomplish is extremely important before you make your decision. If you consider this factor, you can choose a pair that will really improve your technique and performance while avoiding injuries and bad habits. More than this, you can use Lintelek Fitness Trackers to track your swimming activities and performance if you wish to improve your swimming techniques and speeds. 

Size & Fit

What size hand paddles should I buy? and how should swim paddles fit? The size of the swim paddles is depending on various aspects of your palms’ sizes and level of training. The swimming experts advise that you should choose the size around 10% of larger than your hands for beginners. Failing to use the proper size and unfit swim paddles can cause you troubles in your muscles especially on your shoulder and upper body areas where you force your muscle to work way harder than normal for every pull. Once you practice well with your right fit size, you can be more confident to slowly increase the size when you feel more at ease to fit with your physical and expertise conditions.

Hence, keeping in mind that the paddles as close to the fingertips as possible for beginning using hand paddles. Otherwise, your will injure yourself in the process for taking too big or unfit size.


The pleasant hand paddles for swimming are solid and made of quality material. And, there are also light-weight and convenient to swim with. The plastic ones in traditional swim paddle are made for developing power and strength. Moreover, the rubber material is for flexibility in the water while the straps are using strong and flexible material to prevent broken straps during swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do swim paddles build muscle?

When swimmers use hand paddles, you work with your muscles to develop your upper body strength. With great swimming techniques, you will be awarded of your arm pull power and positioning and swimming stroke to further extend the swimming distance and speed.

Do paddles make you swim faster?

Yes, of course as the hand paddles will not let the water flow through our fingers, so it can maximize your pull motion to crash in the pool and speed up our distance per swimming stroke. On top of that, you will take less stroke per length to help you swim faster along the way

Are swimming paddles allowed for standard swimming competitions?

In general, standard swimming competitions do not allow competitors to use swimming paddles. However, it would be very beneficial for you if you use them while training because they will help you to improve your performance.


As you just read above, swimming hand paddles are an excellent tool for both starting and improving your swimming training. A lot of veteran swimmers have proved the effectiveness of the swim paddles while they were training and swimming. However, you should keep in mind that always start with a trainer to prevent bad habits or injuries while using hand paddles.

Moreover, it would be also great to invest in the best swim paddles for yourself or others so that you do not need to waste your valuable money on untrusted products. Rather than buying the imperfect hand paddles, you have to replace every time, invest in a good pair with our guaranteed list.

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