Best Laptop Stands in 2021

You are feeling back pain, neck pain and you must sit and work in front of your laptop for such long hours to complete your assignment and your assigned tasks. Your deadline is coming and you really want to work from anywhere, but you do not feel good because you hold a bad posture working with laptop every day. Well! You surely would like to eliminate all these problems and continue to work on your laptop for hours without losing performance and getting tired, right? 

In this article, we are working tirelessly to bring you 10 Best Laptop Stand in 2021 review. These 10 Best Laptop Stand in 2021 will give you a new comfortable experience for your working because you are able to adjust the laptop the way you want it to be in accordance with sitting, sleeping, or your standing position from anywhere (home, office, car, sofa and so on). With this best laptop stand, you will no longer have to worry about having bad posture, backache and neck pain after sitting for hours anymore. 

List of Best Laptop Stands

10. Rainbean Laptop Stands – Laptop Holder – Laptop Stand for Desk – Mouse Pad Side

Rainbean Laptop Stands

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If you are looking for computer accessory that is convenient to hold your laptop everywhere and every position without disruption your working performance, one of the accessories you can find is the laptop stand. It can hold up to 17 inches laptop size and bear 20 kg of items on it. The function of this laptop stand is multi-functional meaning that you adjust its position when you sleep on your bed, sit on sofa, or even standing. Since the stand is built with 2 adjustable standing legs (10 inches each leg), this will allow you to set up your laptop higher for standing purpose. 

Moreover, mouse pad side and ergonomic design are constructed to build more endurance and cut down on the potential pains both the neck and the back for users who like to work hours with the laptop. Furthermore, as you work longer and longer, the laptop’s heat becomes hotter and hotter, so the ventilation air holes is designed to reduce the heat by having a number of holes to let the air flows in and out easily. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Sturdy design to ensure stability and no slippage
  • Extra mouse pad
  • Best fit for sleeping, sitting and standing position
  • Ergonomic design (easy for eye-strain relief)

A Little to Perfection

  • Difficult to pack for travelling due to its size 

9. Nulaxy Laptop StandBest Laptop Holder – Laptop Stand for Bed – Portable Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

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This Nulaxy laptop stand is constructed with aluminum and metal materials, hence withstanding 10 kg items on its desk. To keep you sit in a good position straight for a long period of hours, this laptop stand has multi-level adjustment which you can customize to your favorite position from standing position to laying on your cozy bed working for hours. You can position up to 480 mm height and it can hold any kind of 17-inces laptop (Macbook, ACER, ASUS, Microsoft Surface etc…). What is special is the ergonomic design that you can use to adjust the angle and height for your comfortable position, which it can help release your neck and back pain.

Apart from this, its weight is 1.25kg (2.76lbs) and is foldable meaning that it is small and flexible to bring with you anywhere. This laptop stand also has a ventilation hole where the heat from your laptop can escape through it allowing the laptop not to be overheated. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Firmly constructed design
  • Best fit for all laptop and tablet types
  • Perfect adjustment for eyes and posture positions
  • Huge space saving

A Little to Perfection

  • Slight space for reducing heat from the laptop

8. HUANUO Laptop Stands – Work from Home Laptop Stand – Laptop Stand for Desk – 2 CPU Cooling Fans 

HUANUO Laptop Stands

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This is another laptop stand brand built with aluminum. The tray is flexible and adjustable, yet can hold your laptop strongly and ensure no slippage occurs. Furthermore, with the adaptability it provides, you are now able to lay on your amazing sofa or bed and work by setting the angle of the laptop stand in accordance with your sleeping position. The ABS auto-locking joints have two functions, which firstly keep your device steady and it can be folded quite simply while travelling. 

In addition, while you are working relentlessly, the laptop might be overheated; however, this HUANO laptop stand offers 2 CPU cooling fans that can lower your laptop heat in order to maintain your work progress well. This HUANO brand is most suitable for those who use Type C laptop because the USB Type C cable is designed to fit with it. Moreover, this laptop stand is compatible with MAC, Tablet, Microsoft Surface, ACER, ASUS, and any kind of laptop brands. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Highly adaptable with all kind of laptops and tablets
  • 2 CPU cooling fans
  • Can be utilized to fit sleeping, sitting and standing positions
  • Adjustable mouse pad 
  • 6 ABS auto-locking joints
  • Perfectly fit for Type C laptop

A Little to Perfection

  • Moderate difficulty for adjusting the joints

7. Roost Laptop Stand – Laptop Holder – Portable Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand

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The Roost laptop stand is the product of USA made of rubber structure, which can hold utterly all kind of laptops. It is lightweight and portable that most suits for those who wants to complete their work progress while travelling. To make it convenient for usage, you can adjust the angle of the tray between 6 to 11 inches high (15.2 to 28 cm). Moreover, you can adjust the tray to your preferred position, so it will help straighten your body position while sitting or sleeping. If you are using a laptop with 0.75 inches thick, it is ideal that this Roost brand will fit you well. Furthermore, with the ergonomic design, it is ensured that you will not have an eye-strain while working with your laptop for hours. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Extensive compatibility with all laptops and other devices
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Lightweight and easily carry on
  • Sturdy endurance

A Little to Perfection

  • Not versatile for sitting and laying positions

6. Nulaxy Portable Laptop Stand – Widely Compatible & Portable Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Portable Laptop Stand

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This laptop stand is built with aluminum making it solid that can hold up to 20 kg of items on it. With its rubber pads construction, it ensures that the laptop will be stable, have no slippage and prevent your laptop from any scratches. Aside from this, this laptop stand is wide compatible meaning that it can fit almost all types of devices, such as laptop, tables, Microsoft surface and so on. Moreover, the tray is 240 mm in width and 260 mm in length that can hold your devices up to 17.3 inches in size. 

With its high adaptability, you can now adjust from 3.15” to 10.6” inches height to your comfortable working position. By doing so, you will no longer experience back pain, neck pain or bad posture anymore. In addition, the cooling hole is another function that can get free airflow below your laptop so that it will not be overheated while using.  

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Movable tray increasing eye relaxation
  • Scratch and slippage protected by the rubber pads
  • Fit to every devices

A Little to Perfection

  • Cannot be folded for travelling

5. Desk York Laptop Stands – Adjustable Mouse Pad – USB CPU Cooling Fans

Desk York Laptop Stands

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Desk York is another brand of laptop stand that is built with aluminum alloy strong enough to hold any kind of laptops. You can set up this laptop stand anywhere you would love whether you are laying on the bed watching your favorite movies on Netflix, whether you sit on the sofa playing games, or whether you sit in a car working. All you need to do is to adjust the angle for your convenient position, then you can enjoy doing your hobbies anywhere without getting irritated by shoulder sprain or bad posture. Moreover, with its high flexibility and lightweight design, you can fold it and bring it with you anywhere and save a lot of space.

Especially, it is built with rotated mouse pad that keep you working smoothly. Not only does it have ergonomic design which helps prevent your typing fatigue, but it also has 2 USB CPU cooling fans which will reduce the excessive heat from your laptop devices.  

Take-Home into Consideration

  • 2 CPU cooling fans great for reducing laptop’s heat
  • Highly flexible with 360-degree stand and mouse pad rotation
  • Easy to set up anywhere

A Little to Perfection

  • Heavier in weight and bigger in size which could be space consuming for bag

4. Lamicall Laptop Stands– Portable Laptop Stand – Laptop Holder

Lamicall Laptop Stands

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This is by far one of the most portable and convenient laptop stands in the list having widely compatible with all devices. The construction of the tray and the stand are built with aluminum alloy. Moreover, there are rubber pads on the tray that can ensure no slippage while using and also prevent your devices from scratches. In addition to this, the rubber pads will lift your device from the tray a little bit so that the devices get free airflow beneath, hence reducing the overheat.

Apart from this, this Lamicall laptop stand has a 360-degree rotation, which is good when working with your partner. Interestingly, this laptop stand consists of ergonomic design. You can simply adjust the laptop screen to your comfortable position with such feature so that it will make you sit in a better position.    

Take-Home into Consideration

  • A 360-degree rotation feature
  • Freely adjustable for laptop screen
  • Fit all kind of laptops, tablets and Microsoft surfaces

A Little to Perfection

  • Limited space for air circulation, hence potentially acquiring overheat

3. Griffin GC16034 Laptop Stands

Griffin GC16034 Laptop Stands

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Weighing just 0.4 kilograms, this laptop stand can be carried with you anywhere you travel. MAC and some other laptops can be suited with this stand very well. In order to maintain the productivity and performance of your device, it is built with for ventilation to keep your device cool while working. Moreover, there are also rubber pads, which is assembled to protect the device from getting unwanted scratches. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Can be disassembled for traveling purpose
  • Perfect for MAC
  • 360-degrees air circulation

A Little to Perfection

  • Cannot adjust height and screen angle.

2. Muse Craft Laptop Stands

Muse Craft Laptop Stands

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The design of this laptop stand is made of aluminum alloy, thermal metal on the bottom and anti-slip silicon. While the hollow design’s purpose is to help reduce the laptop from overheat by giving a big space for air to flow freely, the sturdy is constructed with silicon preventing your devices from slippage and potential scratches. Muse Craft consists of ergonomics that you can adjust between 20 to 45 degrees of your device screen, which makes you see the screen better and more relaxed. 

Furthermore, there are several more functions of this portable laptop stand that you can get the benefits from. Initially, weighing less than 0.5kg, you will be able to carry it to everywhere you go because of its lightweight. Second, this laptop stand can be fold very thin so that you are able to pack it to your small working bag alongside you. Your tiny and flexible supportive device can bear up to 40lbs (18kg) and compatible up to 17inches device.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Easily folded to put in the bag or hold it
  • 9-angles screen adjustment
  • Widely compatible with devices from 10 inches to 17 inches
  • 12-month warranty
  • Replace and refund if any quality problem occurs

A Little to Perfection

  • Rubber pad will erode after some time

1. HUANUO Laptop Holder – Laptop Desk 

HUANUO Laptop Holder

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Huanuo has produced another high-end brand of laptop stand that can have multiple functions friendly for user usage. This laptop stand is designed in its unique way. Not only does it hold your laptop safely, but also it offers mouse pad and phone holder on the same tray. As a consequence, you will not have to worry about the limited area since it will save up a lot of your working space. Besides the mouse pad and phone holder, there is also a handle designed so that you can easily carry it to anywhere. Another function of this laptop stand is the 21.5 inches dual-bolster cushion, which is built for stabilizing your laptop as well as comfortably relaxing your wrist because of its soft pad. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Best reliable stabilization function, the dual-bolster cushion
  • Additional mouse pad and phone holder
  • Perfect limited office area
  • Highly durable construction

A Little to Perfection

  • Not flexible for travelling because it cannot be fold


Buying Guides To Choosing Best Laptop Stand in 2021


To put it simple, the more compatible the laptop stand acquires, the more you can put all kind of your laptop or other devices on it. While some laptop stands comfortably bear simple laptops, there are only few laptop stand brands that perfectly suit for a certain type of laptop. 

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design is important for you to consider because it will help you adjust your laptop stand to perfectly match your sitting, sleeping or standing position. Moreover, this design is helpful with comforting your posture, hence reducing all the neck, back, and should pain.

Versatile Usages

It is important that you need to know which laptop stand will be best suited for your purposes. Simply speaking, the higher the versatile laptop stand is, the more varieties you can adjust the laptop to your desire position. However, the laptop stand, which has less versatility, often comes with more sturdy construction. You may consider the solid construction with less flexibility for your office while you can use the most adjustable one for working from home. 

Bonus Tips: How to Adjust Laptop Stand

For all the aforementioned products, it requires no tools to adjust the laptop stand. All you need to do is to unfold it and adjust the stand to the angle and position of your convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAs)- Best Laptop Stands in 2021

What is a laptop stand?

laptop stand is like a laptop support to raise up off a table or any surface to make laptop users conveniently working as its screen is closer to eye level.

Should you use a laptop stand?

Using height-adjustable laptop stands can help you to well-position yourself at the right angle so that you can reduce your eyes hurt and neck/back/waist pains. Moreover, it can increase your working performance and make your laptop cooler due to positioning it upper desk surface.


Having a thorough review of each top items of Best Laptop Stands in 2021, we hope our readers can choose your desired laptop stand for your own preferences and conditions. Carrying one laptop stand in your bag is not a big deal anymore, but your great friend to facilitate your works better.

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