Have you heard of electric nail drills? What is it? Those who go to the salon frequently would think it is just a piece of cake to answer these questions. The nail drills used for making one nail beautiful and an electric nail file is the best machine to file one nail more conveniently and quickly. Especially for those who need salon-grade nails at home, the electric nail drill machine would help them to fulfil this dream.

No more waste time and money on getting manicures and pedicures at the salon when with an electric nail drill machine. In this page, you are going to visit 10 affordable and efficient nail file drills to do your nail beauty at home or at salon for increasing manicures and pedicures ability. Hence, come with us and grab one for yourself.

List of Best Nail Drills in 2021

10. MelodySusie Electric Nail Drill Portable

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Firstly, visit with an electric nail drill from MelodySusie. The MelodySusie is designed as a pen shape which is extremely portable. As a result, you can bring it along anytime you need. Furthermore, it is also convenient to store anywhere because of its 5.1 inch length. Moreover, the MelodySusie is really lightweight for only 2.2 ounce which is so easy to carry on the hand. Consequently, it will help a lot during its work process. Additionally, the MelodySusie comes in 6 types of metal bits and a pack of 6 sanding bands which have the function to grind, carve, cut, polish for all nail arts and remove cuticles from your nail. 

On the other hand, because of the equipment of aluminium alloy on the body of the nail drill, the MelodySusie can proffer dissipation of heat for long hours working. Hence, the nail polishing work would do much more efficiently on avoiding over-heat. Although this electric file is a powerful tool, yet it has low noise as well as low vibration for a professional nail artwork. Instead of the adjustable speed setting from 0 to 20,000 RPMs, you can also change the rotating direction of the drill bit. Consequently, it is so easy to use on different hands. With a simple connection to the power cord, this electric device will start to work. The MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill is used professionally for both home and salon. 

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multiple functions 
  • Dissipates heat efficiently
  • Low noise and low vibration 
  • Adjustable speed setting
  • Power cord to start

A Little to Perfection 

  • Short working life

9. Ejiubas Electric Nail Drill

Ejiubas Electric Nail Drill

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If you are the one who has a limited budget and needs a small electric nail drill, the Ejiubas electric nail drill is an incredible choice. With that said, Ejiubas electric nail drill is cordless, compact and affordable. Moreover, it comes in 6 chameleon drill bits as well as 50 sanding bands per set. Consequently, you can enjoy its multifunctional including polish, carve, sharpe, shale, engrave, cut, grand, sand the nails as well as remove calluses from one’s nail.  Because of this multi-functional, the Ejiubas electric nail drill can be used either at home for self-service or salon for professional use. With the built of aluminium body, this electric nail file can contribute dissipation of heat very efficiently. 

What’s more, the Ejiubas is designed as a high-quality pen-shape electric nail drill. Hence, it has a fat body for easy holding and low noise as zero-slip feature. With an adjustable control of a maximum speed of 20,000rpm, makes it convenient and safe to polish your nails and shape out calluses. Additionally, the Ejiubas is truly lightweight and portable which you can take it along in your mini-bag anytime needed. Lastly, if you are dissatisfied with this electric file, feel free to contact friendly customer service 24hr for a solution. 

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Small and portable in design 
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 20,000 rpm
  • Has 6 chameleon drill bits as well as 50 sanding bands 
  • Convenient to carry and store

A Little to Perfection 

  • Overheat while long use
  • Weak power

8. Jiasheng Portable Nail Drill 

Jiasheng Portable Nail Drill 

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Jiasheng nail drill works perfectly for quickly cleaning the nails and changing nail shapes within a small minute. Moreover, because of the existence of standard USB with pen-shape designed, the Jiasheng nail drill can charge anywhere such as power bank, adapter and so on. This means it is super easy to carry out anywhere. Furthermore, this electric file has an ergonomic shape for zero-slip holding. Hence, it gives both comfort and convenience to hold it with smooth control and reduce hand piece heat. It makes this item work perfectly on the beginner’s hand.

In addition, the update of the Jiasheng electric nail drill of top-quality aluminum body with sliding speed control has come to diminish efficient heat. Consequently, it boasts a long life working and maximum speed up to 20,000 rpm. Besides, this electric nail drill is also updated to more quiet and lower vibration to increase more comfortable for long-minutes operation.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Quickly get the result
  • Ergonomic & Pen Shape Design
  • Portable charging
  • Top quality aluminum made
  • Sliding adjustable speed
  • Maximum speed of 20,000 rpm
  • Quiet and low vibration
  • Great for beginners use

A Little to Perfection 

  • Simple for salon setting

7. Ejiubas Nail Drill Machine

Ejiubas Nail Drill Machine

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Next visit with a nail drill machine from Ejiubas. It is a chargeable electric nail filer machine which has a maximum speed of 30000RPM. Moreover, it is an adjustable high speed by rotating the speed control knob conveniently. So, makes nail drill work smoothly and greatly. With a huge battery capacity of 2000mA, you can bring it anywhere to use after fully charging it for 2 to 2.5 hours, as this automatic nail file can operate for 8 hours after fully charged. Besides, there is a smart LCD screen that shows both RPM and electricity. Hence, you can seek the desired speed for doing the nail art process and prevent it from suddenly powering off during operation. 

Furthermore, the Ejiubas Nail Drill Machine has foresight alert feature, while the symbol flashes, means that it is time to charge the drill. In addition, you can comfortably and conveniently hang this nail drill machine because of the existence of a belt clip of the body case, which also easily packs into a travelling bag. What’s more, the Ejiubas finger nail drill machine is made of aluminum alloy, which will greatly dissipate heat with a long life-span. So, you surely enjoy the feeling of low vibration which will not paralyze your hand after long-hours use. Lastly, it provides an easy instruction to change 6pcs nail drill bits without assist of any tools.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Chargeable electric nail filer machine 
  • Max-speed of 30000RPM
  • Speed control knob for adjustment
  • 2000mA of battery capacity 
  • Smart LCD screen 
  • Has a belt clip of the body case
  • Aluminum alloy made
  • Low both noise and vibration 
  • Easy instruction to change 6pcs nail drill bits 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Lifespan is not really long

6. JEESA Nail Drill Electric Machine Files

JEESA Nail Drill Electric Machine Files

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Visit with another best nail drill machine from JEESA. The JEESA saves so much space to keep all of the nail drill bits on the back of the machine. Moreover, it is convenient to carry because of the existence of the handpiece support to open. Furthermore, those who love art nail fits with this professional electric nail filer machine as top-quality strong motor, low noise, low vibration and low heat with maximum heat of 25,000 RPM. 

Likewise, the JEESA nail drill machine includes 2 switches on the machine and handpiece. Hence, in order to operate the machine just simply open the switches at the same time. It is much more convenient for you to start the machine. Additionally, the JEESA provides 4 types of drill bits to get rid of stubborn gel polish, removing thickened fingernails & toenails and roughing calluses as well as shape out dead skin on one foot. Besides, it is resistant to the heat because of the presence of ABS plastic and is environmentally friendly.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Space saving to store nail drill bits 
  • Low noise & low vibration 
  • 25,000RPM
  • Convenient to use
  • Fits for the 3/32 drill bits
  • 4 type of drill bits
  • Heat-resistant 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Some of users did not get the drills

5. Makartt Nail Drill File Machine

Makartt Nail Drill File Machine

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Welcome with the best nail drill set machine from Makartt. With that said, the Makartt comes to remove extra gels & artificial and get rid of cuticles from your nails. Moreover, it gives you a choice to care for either your hand or your food with the included 30pcs sanding bands as well as fits 3/32 drill bits. With the adoption of Japanese CE Certificate, the Makartt nail drill ensures low voice, low vibration and low heat. Furthermore, it has ventilation designed to reduce handpiece temperature. Likewise, be happy to adjust the speed to the maximum of 30,000rmp which displays the speed signal on its motor. 

For those who are new to nail salon, the Makartt nail drill machine is an incredible choice. It provides an effective tutorial video and clear instruction for beginner use. Hence, getting started with the Makartt to get rid of stubborn gel polish, removing thickened fingernails & toenails and roughing calluses. Besides, the Makartt has been applauded as durable quality and convenient operation on nail drill reviews.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • 30pcs sanding bands  
  • Fits 3/32 drill bits
  • Japanese CE Certificate
  • Low voice, low vibration and low heat
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 30,000rmp
  • Provides an effective tutorial video and clear instruction for beginner
  • Durable
  • Convenient operation 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Some users reported that they have a problem with the drills

4. JEWHITENY Nail Drill File Machine

JEWHITENY Nail Drill File Machine

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If you have a limited budget and prefer a larger, not battery machine, the JEWHITENY Nail Drill File Machine is the best nail drill set choice. The JEWHITENY includes acrylic-tackling speeds from 0 to 30,000 RPMS and moveable rotation. Moreover, it has foot pedal control and hand-held control feature to choose on your desire. Hand control works perfectly as a nail polisher. Whereas, the foot pad control would make the operation more convenient. 

As a result, you can enjoy it comfortably in your comfort space. In addition, the JEWHITENY Nail Drill Set Machine comes with 6 standard bits and 56 disposable sanding bands. This type of nail drill machine is worth its budget price.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Affordable and useful
  • Maximum to 30,000 RPM
  • Hand or foot pedal control
  • Forward and reverse feature
  • 56 disposable sanding bands
  • Includes nail brush and buffer block

A Little to Perfection

  • Provided only 6 standard bits
  • Un-portable

3. Cadrim Electric Nail Drill Machine

Cadrim Electric Nail Drill Machine

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Seeking for a best powerful electric nail drill to do all kinds of art work with, Cadrim Electric Nail Drill Machine comes to an incredible choice. With that said, because the Cadrim has power up to 35,000 RPMs which is quick enough to operate with acrylics and hard gels. So, you can use it as a professional salon-grade model. Moreover, as a greatly adjustable speed knob and a normal forward and reverse rotation switch, makes the Cadrim nail machine super easy to use. As you can choose a comfortable speed depends on self-desired. 

What’s more, the Cadrim electric nail drill file machine works quiet and smooth with really low vibration for comfort grip. Whereas, low noise & vibration and lightweight handpiece feature perfectly suitable for long-sessions used in a comfortable way. Furthermore, it includes a cradle, which function is to hold the drill, and has helped a lot to pick up and upgrade from surface work.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Maximum up to 35,000 RPMs
  • Salon-level quality
  • Speed knob and forward and reverse rotation
  • Currently available with bit set
  • Contains stand and carrying case

A Little to Perfection 

  • Not really easy to use for beginners

2. Alle’s Professional Nail Drill Set Machine

Alle’s Professional Nail Drill Set Machine

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Next visit with a professional nail drill set machine from Alle’s. This best nail drill file machine is made from aluminum alloy for lightweight and durable use. Hence, it works perfect for both salon and at home. Besides the aluminum body, with ventilation holes in designed has reduced much harm from heat that pain your hand. However, always keep in mind that there will not be any cover on the ventilation holes on the hand piece while operating the device, if you need efficient heat dissipation. 

Moreover, it has a powerful effect at a maximum speed of 30,000 RPM. So, it can assist to meet all of your desire of shaping, filing and polishing the nail quickly. Likewise, the motor has holes to place nail drills bits. Hence, no more concern on the nail drill slid around the table and convenient for you to use. Additionally, built with a handpiece cradle as well as table stand, it can constantly stay on the table without sliding when operating.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Aluminium body
  • Speed from 0-30,000 RPM
  • Speed adjustable 
  • Heat dissipation efficient
  • Has 6 nail drill bits collector 
  • Forward and reverse rotation 
  • Easy to use
  • Portable 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Expensive but worth the price

1. Tesoky Upgraded Electric Nail Drill Set

Tesoky Upgraded Electric Nail Drill Set

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Comes with the 1st rank of selected product is an upgraded electric nail drill bit set from Tesoky. In comparison to other the same products, the Tesoky have improved their features to higher quality. Firstly, the internal motor upgraded to high-tech speed for stable quality with both low sound and vibration when operating the device. Moreover, it comes with 6 sanding bands, 6 unlike shank drills bits and 5 manicure bits per set with an affordable price. It is cost-effective, isn’t it? With an attractive pen-shape design brings you a comfortable handle. Likewise, because of an ergonomic friendly made, you will experience zero-slip when grip to remove unneeded gels, artificial and cuticles from your nails.

What’s more, a simple pull out and insert without assists of any tools, you can easily change the drill bit. In order to begin operation just connect the power cord with its standard USB interface. With that said, you will find the Tesoky portable nail drill is super easy to use as well as extremely safe. Moreover, its body is made from aluminum which dissipates the heat very efficiently. Hence, enjoy doing your nail as long as possible.

Take Home into Consideration 

  • Stable quality 
  • Low sound and vibration 
  • 6 sanding bands, 6 unlike shank drills bits and 5 manicure bits per purchase
  • Affordable
  • Portable as pen-shape designed 
  • Comfortable grip 
  • Very easy to use
  • Safety
  • Heat dissipation 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Weak drill power

Buying Guides To Choosing Best Nail Drills in 2021

In addition to the products description above, we would like to share 2 important factors to choose the best nail drill, which fits with your using purposes. We are highly recommended to consider these 2 points in advance before you decide to add one of the products to your chart.

Cordless or Portable Nail Drills

Firstly, decide which type of nail drill model would work the most fit with your needs. The corded models are the best nail drill for nail technicians, as they are unique, powerful and never run out of battery. Whereas portable or cordless electric nail drills are for those who do the nail at home or anywhere they desire. With that said, because they can bring their own electric nail drill to them easily.


For professional nail technicians, should look for the 25,000 to 30,000 RPM range for work with acrylics and builder gel effectively. However, some home nail technicians also choose that range if you plan to do acrylic or other nail extensions on your own. Yet, for those who just need to bed rid of gel nail polish, simple manicures and remove thickened toenails, you can just go with less than 20,000 RPM speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does an electric file burn one natural nail?

No, it doesn’t. With that said, because a nail tech controls the machine and calculates how much pressure is appropriate to apply on the nail surface. They will constantly move and light pressure to minimize the heat. As a result, if the client stays relaxed, they will have a comfortable on their nails.

When should I replace a bit?

Actually, you should replace a bit as long as it cannot refine the products. However, if you use it daily, the bits can last from 2-4 months. Sometimes it might last for 1 year, yet of course it probably works hesitantly.


All in all, the nail drill machine is safer and quicker compared to nail remover water. The nail drill machine only gently polishes the fingertip, one will get rid of unnecessary gels, artificial and cuticles from your nails so quickly. It just takes a few minutes. Whereas, the traditional remover bag will take 30 minutes to be done. Hence, with the products description above, you will meet with the best nail drill which is suitable to you the most.


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