Almost every item is useful, high quality, and quick compared to the past, so are rice cookers. And, it is very convenient to use, easy to clean, and save a lot of time for people. You just simply put rice with the proper water into the rice cooker then click on the cook button. Since it is very easy to use, there are numerous types of rice cookers selling in the market area. They make it with different size, shape, and quality. Their prices are also different, so the chance of purchasing the wrong rice cooker is high. You may have spent a lot of time searching for some types of rice cookers to be sold on an online website or online shop, which is a waste of time.

After reading this article, the concern of choosing the wrong rice cooker will be over. You will be more understandable in choosing the right rice cooker with a favorable price, good quality, and suit your kitchen best. Furthermore, this article also helps you to save your time and money with our guardian list of 10 best long lasting rice cookers in 2021. We hope that after reading this guardian report, you will find a suitable rice cooker to use in your home. 

List of Best Rice Cookers in 2021

10. Toshiba TRCS01 Rice Cooker 

Toshiba TRCS01 Rice Cooker 

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Toshiba rice cooker is a Japanese style rice cooker that comes with technological 3D cooking and 6 smart steps cooking process. This rice cooker is easy to clean, easy to use, and a time saving item. Coming with a very fast rice feature, you can cook rice for only 30 minutes which saves a lot of time. Furthermore, when your rice is well-cooked, this rice cooker has a special function that can keep your rice warm that makes the quality of rice remain the same. This function can serve temperature for 24 hours and more than this. 

In addition, Toshiba rice cooker provides 2 functions that can delay time. If you are a busy person and do not have a lot of time at home, you just simply add some rice and water before you leave home, and you can have rice to eat for your lunch or dinner after you arrive home from work. Another function is you also can set the time to make your rice well-cooked whenever you need. What’s more, it will not make your rice lose its taste, but your rice will taste as delicious as the quality of the restaurant’s rice. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • 2 functions delay time
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Save a lot of time 
  • Still remains the same quality even you cook it since the morning

A Little to Perfection

  • A little bit small in size

9. Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker 

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker 

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Aroma Housewares rice cooker is a rice cooker that provides a high quality and reasonable price. It made delicious rice. The item comes with 3 different colors such as black, red, and white, which is very convenient for consumers to choose according to their preferences. This rice cooker can contain rice between 2 to 6 cups of any variety of cooked rice. It is not only for rice cooking but also used for steaming meat and vegetables. You can steam your food while you are cooking rice, without wasting a lot of your time. With its unique technology, it allows the cook to make amazing cooked veggies, fish, poultry, and many more. 

Furthermore, this rice cooker consists of, non-stick inner pot, an aluminum steam, rice measuring cup, and a plastic rice spatula. This product weighs 3.7 pounds, and the product dimensions are 11.1 x 10.4 x 8l1 inches. Moreover, it has only one operation, but the operation is special because it will turn to keep-warming  function automatically. 

Take-home into Consideration 

  • Has 3 different colors to choose 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Can steam food and cook rice at the same time
  • High quality 

A Little to Perfection

  • Has only one operation 

8. MOOSOO 12-in-1 Electric Rice Cooker

MOOSOO 12-in-1 Electric Rice Cooker

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MOOSOO rice cooker consists of 12 presets such as soup, chili/beans, poultry, egg,  porridge, cake, slow cook, rice, pressure cook, Saute, yogurt, and steam. This rice cooker saves a lot of time and money since you own only this product and it has so many benefits. It is made with high quality materials and makes your cooking faster. This instant cooker is made of food grad 304 stainless steel, chemical-free and fingerprint-resistant.  With the latest cooking technology, you can preserve the nutrition of food better compared to the traditional cooking speed. 

This product guarantees a 2 years warranty, and it comes with 11 kinds of accessories, including a recipe book, pad, measuring cup, stainless steel steamer, egg steamer,and seal ring. Moreover, it also includes 10 features that are very safe for your kitchen. This item weighs 5.2 kilograms. It has a 24 hours smart delay that satisfies your requirement. Consumers just put the ingredients prepared in advance into the electric cooker, then select the time you want to be delayed. This rice cooker will automatic off as the time you have set. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Favorable price
  • 24 hour smart delay
  • High quality 
  • Safety function 

A Little to Perfection

  • Has only 1 color 

7. Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked Rice Cooker 

Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked Rice Cooker 

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This aroma housewares 20 cup cooked rice cooker has 3 different style names to choose according to consumers’ preferences. There is a basic rice cooker, professional rice cooker, and smart carb rice cooker. Its product dimensions are 11.1 x 11.2 x 10.8 with 120V/60Hz 860W power consumption. If you have a big family, then this rice cooker is highly recommended because it can contain a lot of rice (20 cup). When you are purchasing this item, you will get a non-stick inner pot, rice measuring cup, and a plastic rice spatula.

The built-in steamer function of this rice cooker gives your meal a nutrient-rich to be done around while soup, rice or any other meal addition cooks below, which allow you to save time and still get a high quality of food. This item is very easy to use. You just simply add rice in the first step, then add water and push a button, you will get a delicious rice that is as  yummy as  restaurant tastes.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Comes with 3 different styles to choose 
  • Can contain 4 to 20 cup of rice
  • Easy to use
  • Spend less time

A Little to Perfection

  • The play button sometimes does not work

6. Instant Zest 8 Cup Rice Cooker

Instant Zest 8 Cup Rice Cooker

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Instant Zest 8 cup not only plays its function as a rice cooker but also the best steamer, rice grains, quinoa and oatmeal. It makes your rice cook very fast with its 4 smart programs cooking. When you buy this rice cooker, you will get a non-stick ceramic coated pot, the zest plus that has dishwasher-safe steamer tray, rice spoon, and rice measuring cup. This item helps you to save your time. This rice cooker can contain 4 cups of uncooked or 8 cup cooked rice. Moreover, it can keep food and rice warm for up to 10 hours.

This product weighs 6.29 pounds. The product dimensions are 11.4 x 10.4 x 20.4 inches. Its extra thick inner pot with non-stick ceramic coating makes your meal even. You can set a limit time and this rice cooker will play its role by itself. After finishing cooking it, you do not have to worry about washing it because it is very easy to clean.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with its accessories 
  • Time saver
  •  Warm foods for more than 10 hours

A Little to Perfection

  • Bad documentation and display button 

5. IMUSA USA GAU-OOO111 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

IMUSA USA GAU-OOO111 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

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When it comes to good quality and affordable price rice cookers, there is always a presence of IMUSA rice cookers. This rice cooker has 3 different sizes to choose based on the amount of your family member. There are 3-cup rice cookers, 5-cup rice cookers, and 8-cup rice cookers. It is the best rice cooker for busy people. It saves time by making tasty rice in a short period. You just need to prepare your food after finishing your work or school since your rice is already cooked. You will encounter the easiest way of its on-off switch function. It has a warming setting that will allow you to heat your tasty rice again.

You cleansing will be easy with it removable nonstick coated pot that will not make your rice and food stick. Besides using it as cooking rice, you can also make your favorite dishes, vegetables, oatmeal, and many more. The item weighs 2.6 pounds. The package dimensions are 8.25 x 9.1 x 6.4 inches.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Comes with 3 different sizes
  • Your rice still taste good after warming up
  • Affordable price

A Little to Perfection

  • Not hot enough to cook the rice 

4. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Rice Cooker

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The Zojirushi rice cooker is a rice cooker that makes fine adjustments to temperature and heating time to cook perfect rice every time. The same as other rice cookers we have mentioned above, it has a lot of functions. This rice cooker can cook delicious rice, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, and brown. It is a quick cooking machine and easy to clean. The beep audio indicator is always alert to users when the cooking process has ended. It also consists of an inner lid that can be washed and detached, an convenient-to-read LCD control panel,  warm keeping automatically that makes your rice and meals still remain warm.

There are 2 setting programmable delay timers. This rice cooker comes with a set of spatula, spatula holder and 2 measuring cups,and a built in retractable power cord. This item weighs 10.63 pounds. Its package dimensions are 14.5 x 9.5 x 11.5 inches.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Adjust to temperature 
  • Has so many useful functions 
  • Beep audio indicator 
  • 2 setting programmable delay timer 

A Little to Perfection

  • The electronic board is not durable 

3. Aroma Housewares 2-8 Cups Rice Cooker

Aroma Housewares 2-8 Cups Rice Cooker

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Aroma housewares 2-8 cups rice cooker has 3 beautiful colors; professional version, silver, and white color. It is the best rice cooker and food steamer. You can cook your rice and steam meat or vegetable at the same time. You do not have to worry that your rice will get cold since it has an automatic keep warm function. It will keep your white rice, brown rice, quick rice, oatmeal and other meals warm. 

This rice cooker comes with a steam tray, rice measuring cup and serving spatula accessories. This item weighs 4 pounds. The product dimensions are 8.5 x 9.25 x 9.13 inches. It is easy to use and to clean. If you are looking for a rice cooker product that can cook healthy rice and meals for your family, then this rice is one of the best rice cookers.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Has 3 beautiful color 
  • Good price
  • Make a healthy rice and meals
  • Play different function in cooking 

A Little to Perfection

  • The four unit functions are not stable 

2. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Rice Cooker

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Rice Cooker

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This rice cooker is quite special compared to other rice cookers. It provides 4 sizes to choose; 3-QT size, 6-QT size, 8-QT size, and 10-QT size. It has 4 styles as well. These are Duo, Duo nova, Duo plus, and Duo 6 Qt air fryer lid. The select pattern includes pressure cooker, pressure cooker plus cooking pot, pressure cooker plus glass lid, and pressure cooker plus air fryer lid. It is convenient for consumers to choose which size, style, and pattern they prefer. 

Made with the modern 3rd generation technology, the users will get a favorable result because heating processor monitors pressure, temperature, time keeper, and adjust the durability of heat.Moreover, with its one touch smart function, you can cook ribs, soups, beans, rice, poultry, yogurt, and so on. This rice cooker weighs 11.8 pounds, and the package dimensions are 13.38 x 12.2 x 12.48 inches.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Has many different size, style, and patter to select
  • Create with the lasts 3rd gen technology
  • Very convenient to clean and use 
  • A time keeper item

A Little to Perfection

  • Your rice does not smell good after cooking with this rice cooker 

1. AmazonBasics Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

AmazonBasics Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

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AmazonBasics Multi-Functional rice cooker makes your rice taste good like a restaurant rice. With the digital operation and easy implementation, this rice cooker offers both time saving and simplicity. This item weighs 7.5 pounds. Its product dimensions are 14.53 x 10.4 x 8.53 inches.

This rice cooker has 2 different colors such as black and silver. Customers can also choose 5.5-cup uncooked or 10-cup uncooked which they prefer. When you buy this rice cooker, you will get a scoop, food steamer, and measuring cup. Moreover, it has an automatic function that makes the perfect bowl of ric and tasty dishes. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • good price
  • Make a perfect dishes 
  • Automatic keep warm function 

A Little to Perfection

  • Cannot keep your rice warm for too long


Buying Guides To Choosing Best Rice Cookers in 2021

Types of uses 

You should be looking for a rice cooker that provides numerous types of use. When you own a rice cooker that can act a lot of function then it can save you a lot of time and money. You own only an item, and you can cook rice and foods. 


Some people are looking for a rice cooker that is cheap. But, they do not know that some cheap rice cookers are not durable. If you are purchasing a cheap one, and then it will be broken after using it for a short period of time, you will spend your money many times a year on a rice cooker. So better use a rice cooker with a reasonable price and good quality.

Popular Rice Cooker Brands

Since rice cooker brands are well-known, the quality of using it is either trustable. Popular brand companies are selling their products for a long period of time. so the possibility of purchasing the wrong rice cooker is rare. Those brands of rice cooker got a lot of customers, which means that their products are worth buying.

Frequently Asked Questioned (FAQs) – Best Rice Cookers in 2021

Is a rice cooker worth buying?

Yes, it is worth buying since it saves a lot of your time and money. If you are not buying a rice cooker, then you will spend your money on gas or wood for cooking rice. It takes you a lot of time and might distract you from work or study. But, if you are purchasing a rice cooker, you will save time by just putting rice and water in it, and it will automatically play it function. You will get your rice cooked after coming back from work or study. Moreover, there are more functions besides cooking rice. Plus, you only spend a piece of money on an electric bill, which saves some part of your money.

What should I look for when purchasing a rice cooker?

You should look for the price, quality, durability, capacity, function, accessories, automatic on-off rice cooker, ease of uses, and accessories.


Purchasing a right rice cooker is a must. When you have a good rice cooker in your home, it will provide you so many benefits. It helps save your financial time, and brings you a good quality of rice. Moreover, with the different functions of a rice cooker, you can also make porridge, dessert, steam fish and vegetables, soups, and so on. What’s more, you can warm up your rice and cook whenever you want, and keep your rice and foods warm for at least 20 hours. These rice cookers buying guides not only review some of the best rice cookers for you but also point out your thinking before you decide to make a purchase on any brands of rice cooker.

After reading these top 10 rice cookers in 2021, we hope that this buying guide will help you to be more understandable to buy the most suitable rice cooker to put in your kitchen and use daily. We hope that this article is helpful, and you can find the best rice cooker based on your preference.




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