During the modern time, it is very important to start caring about our precious health by starting to cook more homemade food and reduce eating out. Moreover, in this time of pandemic, when we have to restrict mass gathering and stay home more, cooking at home is a must. Furthermore, when you cook at home you will be able to ensure that everything is hygienic and you can also save more budget as well.

That is why you need to have enough cooking utensils at home. Microwaves are known to be very helpful in cooking. You can cook many delicious dishes with a microwave. With many evolutions, we can see that there are also small microwaves. They are only small in sizes but they still have the same functions as the big one. We will provide you with a compiled list of the top ten best small microwaves that you can consider.

List of Best Small Microwaves in 2022

10. COSTWAY Green Small Microwave 

COSTWAY Green Small Microwave 

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This type of small microwaves is very trendy because the concept of the design is quite attractive. The design concept of this device is also nice that fits modern homes. The colour of this 900-W COSTWAY small microwave is full of mint color which looks really bright and vibrant. The inner interior of this microwave is very easy to clean. 

You do not have to worry about the oily and sticky greases after cooking. With a little effort and those stains will go away.This small microwave also has the LED display bar at the front door to show the temperature degree and cooking time as well. The door is also very strong. Moreover, the whole body of this microwave is rust-free and very durable. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • There are 5 temperature levels
  • It needs 900W electricity
  • The size and dimension is  19.5″×14″×11″(L×W×H)

A Little to Perfection

  • A little heavy

9. AmazonBasics Sandstone Mini Microwave with Echo Dot

AmazonBasics Sandstone Mini Microwave with Echo Dot

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AmazonBasics brand just always comes up with the newest technology and innovations. Mainly, this mini AmazonBasics small microwave is a very exclusive product on amazon that received a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers. It is covered in light black color, which will make it so excellent. The body is also sleek and durable. 

Just like what we have mentioned, AmazonBasics always tried to provide the most convenient lifestyles for us. Therefore, this mini Amazon basic microwave can be used with the Amazon Echo dot. In fact, it is a smart device to control the functions of this microwave. Not only this, but it also would be very cool to control the microwave with your voice with internet connection. You don’t have to worry about your kids randomly turning on the microwave with Echo Dot. Because you can set Echo Dot to only recognize your voice with certain keywords. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • A smart microwave with Echo Dot feature
  • It has the child lock features
  • Very easy to clean

A Little to Perfection

  • It is fairly expensive as you need to buy Echo Dot as well

8. BLACK+DECKERS Stainless Steel Microwave Model EM720CB7

BLACK+DECKERS Stainless Steel Microwave Model EM720CB7

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This is a very functional small microwave from the Black+Decker. With this turnable push-button door mini microwave, you can easily open. Additionally, you can reheat your popcorn, your french fries or even your pizza with a few single touches. This small microwave is made with stainless steel, which is durable. Moreover, that stainless steel is also guaranteed to be cleaned easily with a few swipes. 

You can also do the voice commanding with this small microwave as it is very smart. Besides, when you plug in this digital microwave oven to the source of electricity, you will be able to see a screen with LED display. That screen will tell you the time in your region and also the cooking time when using Microwave as well. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Push-button door
  • Pre-programmed buttons
  • Requires 700 Watts

A Little to Perfection

  • One-year limited warranty

7. COMFEE’ Mini Microwave with Big Display and Easy Modes

COMFEE' Mini Microwave with Big Display and Easy Modes

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The design of this mini microwave especially for a dorm is so detailed and amazing. This mini microwave is small and lightweight, but you may be astonished by its multipurpose functions that are very amazing and helpful in the kitchen. The body and design of this microwave from COMFEE’ is also unique. There are also many other shiny colors like red, green and creamy colors as well. 

Speaking about the functions, it is seen that this small microwave has 11 levels of powers and heating. Many people have been telling us that adding this microwave to their kitchens means that there will be a huge increase in their electricity bill. Therefore, this COMFEE microwave had been designed with sound to alert you once the food is ready. There is also the ECO mode to minimize the energy when not in use. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • The display is bright, light, and clear
  • Features the sleek body and modern design
  • Comprises 11 levels of powers and heating

A Little to Perfection

  • A little bit heavy

6. Toshiba Stainless Steel Small Microwave Model EM131A5C-SS

Toshiba Stainless Steel Small Microwave Model EM131A5C-SS

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If you are already a fan of microwave, it means that you use it very often. Then you know how many various types they are, don’t you? Maybe it is time to look deep down closely. Almost everyone should have already known Toshiba, right? Toshiba is a very well-known brand that originated from Japan. It is also a company that is an expert at manufacturing and designing home products.

This Toshiba small microwave for a caravan is made from stainless steel with a few large buttons. These buttons are used to control the temperature and also the time to heat as well. Moreover, there are also the voice control functions as well. Isn’t it so cool? Now that you can talk to this small microwave and ask it to reheat the food for you,

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Very durable
  • The interior space is very easy to wash
  • Power-saving

A Little to Perfection

  • The design is a little bit conservative

5. Toshiba Black Stainless Steel Microwave Model EM925A5A-BS

Toshiba Black Stainless Steel Microwave Model EM925A5A-BS

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With a weight of 27.3 pounds, this Toshiba Microwave is one of the biggest and heaviest microwaves in our list. It is very compact and made from strong stainless steel. This great Toshiba is also available in two colors such as black stainless steel and white stainless steel. When it comes to defrosting food, there are two available options. You can just frost the food by its weight or by its duration. That is one of the features that make this small microwave so outstanding. 

The designer and manufacturer also understand the difficulties of using Microwaves without cooking skills and knowledge. That’s why they design 6 pre-programmed foods such as pizza, popcorn, pasta and so on. So with a few clicks, you will be able to enjoy the fresh hot food from the microwaves. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Very spacious
  • Power-saving
  • Child safety lock
  • There are 6 pre-programmed food menus

A Little to Perfection

  • The price is fairly expensive

4. Toshiba Microwave Model EM925A5A-SS with Clear Keypad and Buttons

Toshiba Microwave Model EM925A5A-SS with Clear Keypad and Buttons

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This is one of the best small microwaves oven because it has all the simple features that a perfect microwave should have. The exterior design of this small microwave is very simple with proper door handles. There are also five pre-set settings that may be used for food preparation requirements. This shallow microwave provides a two-way refrigerate alternative. 

We also love the features of this small microwave regarding the sound system. Believe it or not, many people used to get really angry at microwaves because of their annoying sounds. But for this one, you can mute through a buzzer. This small Toshiba EM925A5A-SS microwave is also very functional with just one click and you can start the heating and you will be able to enjoy freshly reheated food.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Power-saving
  • The sound of this microwave can be muted
  • Secure to prevent kids from turning on
  • Has 6 pre-programmed food menus

A Little to Perfection

  • This microwave requires much electricity to function

3. White Small Microwave from Commercial Chef

White Small Microwave from Commercial Chef

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If you are not a fan of any small microwave with an LED screen display or those microwaves that have a touch screen, then this is the right choice for you. We will recommend this countertop knob small microwave from the commercial chief. We also love the vintage and traditional design of this small microwave. It has 2 knobs for you to control the temperature and the time as well.

The body of this small microwave is pure white. Even though the body is covered in white, it will not get dirty easily. The body is made with stainless steel material so you can clean away the grease by wiping. We truly believe that you will enjoy homemade food more, as this microwave is very convenient to use. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • The size and shape are perfect
  • Easy to use
  • You only need 800-watt input to run this microwave

A Little to Perfection

  • The price is kinda expensive

2. Nostalgia Aqua Microwave with Digital Clock 

Nostalgia Aqua Microwave with Digital Clock 

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This is one of the top two products that is the type of countertop installation. This microwave is in a very shiny attractive color, the aqua. We think that a small microwave will add a lot of color to your kitchen. This microwave may look small but it is very functional. You can heat and defrost many foods easily and quickly. The door works just so well that you can open and close easily.

The designer of this microwave also designed the 12 pre-programmed food receipts, so that you can just press once and the microwave will remember your preference setting. There is also a handle that you can use to change the setting based on your need anytime. You can also customize the volume of the beeping sound. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Bright color
  • A grip handle for easy open and close
  • There are 12 food choices for you to choose
  • There is a turn-and-push knob

A Little to Perfection

  • Gives different power choices

1. Farberware Platinium Microwave Model FMO11AHTPL

Farberware Platinium Microwave Model FMO11AHTPL

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The tiny counter microwave has a push-release door that is very functional so you can reduce human power a lot and also budget saving. We call this budget-saving because it requires less electricity. Moreover, the instruction to use is also very simple, and the company will also include a guide and cooking recipes books as well. We think that this is very smart and helpful.

We will have to admit that the price is also fairly expensive because there are many great features. So great quality comes with an expensive price, right? With that being said, this small microwave also needs an input of at least 1000 watt to function. In addition, the tray is als removable. So you can remove it and clean it when needed.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Quick defrosting time
  • A safety lock for unwanted turn on
  • One-year warranty

A Little to Perfection

  • The alerting sound is too loud, especially at nighttime

Buying Guides To Choosing Best Small Microwaves in 2022

Input Power Requirement

As you may know, all of these aforementioned small microwaves demand power electricity. So it is also important to take a look at the input demand of each microwave as well before making any purchases.  We highly recommend you to check your electricity bill again and see how much watt can u spend extra on? Mostly, the lowest input needed is 800 watt. The difference of input lies in the size and also the power capacity as well. So we think that is also good to go back and reflect about your needs. 

Safety Protection

Microwave is sometimes not safe as it requires electricity to function. Moreover, it will be more dangerous if you have small kids. As a matter of fact, small kids are very naughty and curious. In order to deal with this problem, the company also comes up with a solution. Some microwaves above also have the sound locking system that only certain individuals can turn on. Some microwaves we have in our list also have the child safety locking system.

Features and Functions

In particular, the very first thing you need to search for when you purchase any small microcrowave are their performance and reliability. You need to make sure that the microwave you wish to purchase is not made of normal material with pretty low quality. According to our evaluation and review list, there are various materials that are used such as metal, and steel. It is also advantageous to check and read the reviews from previous customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Small Microwaves in 2022

How Do I Clean A Mini Microwave?

You should and you also can sprinkle or spray any cleaner onto a cloth and scrub the outside of a small microwave with it. You should clean the door with a washcloth or any sponge if you have one. The interior of the glass door can be washed with water combined with a natural vinegar or even baking soda. The turntable can be cleaned with a soap dish or baking soda mixed with water. You just need to ensure that you do not scrub too hard on any area of the microwave because it could cause scratches. Some liquid with harmful ingredient and quality would also harm the shape and color of the microwave as well so you must be careful before using any detergents.

Where Can I Buy A Mini Microwave?

In this modern era, you can actually find anything you want online with a few clicks and some keywords and nothing would be more convenient than this.  You have just to type in the search bar and millions of result will pop up. Same rule applies here. You can buy many types or one of the above mentioned small microwaves in this list. But if you have trust issues, you can also go and check for one at the physical markets as well but we do not really recommend you to do so as it is not safe to go out in this period of time. 


Microwave can be one of a housewife’s best friends. This is because microwaves could help reduce a lot of workload and burden in the kitchen. Additionally, microwave also gives you a healthy and active lifestyle by reducing the oil or grease used in frying on the traditional pan. In addition to this, microwaves can also save a lot of time. For instance, if you need to reheat anything in a short period of time, with a few touches, you will be able to eat hot heated food. 

As you may have already seen in the list, there are just so many types, designs and functions of small microwaves. We know that these huge options will actually give you a very hard time to decide and do the evaluation. That’s why we have compiled this list for you to go through the best of the best small microwaves based on the price, features, size and previous customer’s reviews.

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