It is true that almost every household owns at least one plunger. If you do not have a plunger yet, we suggest you buy one in case there is a clog in the bathroom. Most importantly, it is always a better idea to try out the plunger first before you call the plumber as sometimes it is just a simple clog that you can fix. Thus, that will not concern you if you already own a plunger in your hand. You can simply grab it to fix the clog.

Although there are many plungers available on the market, I am sure you will still have a hard time choosing one as plungers come in different types and different qualities as well. For this reason, we have come up with a list of the top 10 best toilet plungers in 2021 so that you can find it helpful if you are planning or want to buy a great quality plunger.

List of Best Toilet Plungers in 2021

10. Neiko Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design

Neiko Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design

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Are you looking for a better and modern plunger? Then, you are at the right place with this Neiko toilet plunger as it has an aluminum handle with a peg hole, unlike the traditional wooden handle. Most importantly, this handle is not only convenient for hanging but also for you to hold it to do the work because of its lightweight and rustproof. Moreover, this plunger is not selective because it can fit in any kind and size of toilet drain openings.

This plunger has powerful suction thanks to its very flexible and durable rubber cup that establishes a tight seal around the drain opening. So, with these features, you can confidently plumb the toilet with the certainty that it will not flip up or have any dirty water stuck in it. Definitely, you will not need to worry about losing the quality of this plunger even after multiple uses as it is made from high-quality materials.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Lightweight, bacteria-free, and rust-proof
  • Can fit any kinds and sizes of toilet drain openings
  • Special 4-step design cup that does not flip back and gets stuck
  • Flexible and durable helps to easily fix the clog
  • Still maintain quality even after a few usages 

A Little to Perfection

  • The handle does not lock
  • It does not work well 

9. Toilet Plunger with hideaway Caddy

Toilet Plunger, Hideaway Toilet Plunger with Caddy

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Here is a toilet plunger with hideaway Caddy that is invented by smart design. Significantly, it comes with a long handle which provides a tough grip so that you can plunge it effortlessly and avoid dirty water. Moreover, this modern plunger also embraces the hideaway caddy with a three-layer stepped design that expands the suction force. Furthermore, its spring will open automatically when the bathroom plunger is raised and can store the plunger tidy.

Besides, this plunger owns a rubber suction cup and its head works on any toilet, including low flush. Especially, if you have a small house, this plunger is ideal for you as it arrives with a space-saving design so that you will not need to worry about needing big space to store it. Lastly, it is a heavy-duty bathroom plunger that clears all the clogs and drains efficiently without ruining the surface. Definitely, the built-in tray that can prevent dirty water from dripping on the ground.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Convenient long handle
  • Hideaway caddy with a three-layer stepped design increases the suction force.
  • Works on all toilets
  • Comes with a space-saving design
  • Heavy-duty bathroom plunger
  • The built-in tray can prevent dirty water

A Little to Perfection

  • The rubber is so stiff

8. Mr. Clean Combo, White/Blue Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

 Mr Clean Bowl Brush and Plunger

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Mr. Clean has brought you a special package including both turbo plunger, toilet cleaning brush as well as a coordinating caddy. If you purchase this set, you can both keep your bathroom clean while at the same time, fix the toilet clog. Moreover, with a big round brush, you will find it extremely easy to clean especially under the rim area. 

On the other hand, the plunger handle is made of rubber material. So, you can hold it securely and it works effectively. On an important note, the plunger is designed with a 4.75” diameter flange in order to create a solid seal for culminating and moving water with strength. In addition, the plunger is also designed with a non-slip caddy base so that it will not move on wet floors. You will not regret picking out this set as it comes with an adorable blue color as well as with a considerate design for users.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • A full set including a plunger and a cleaning brush
  • Large round brush for easy cleaning
  • Rubber-made plunger handle
  • Has cute colors such as blue and white
  • The plunger also has a non-slip caddy base to avoid the mess

A Little to Perfection

  • The brush is too big and stiff (does not clean well)
  • The plunger does not fit all kinds of toilet

7. OXO Strong Grasp Toilet Plunger 

 OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger with Cover

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We bet you are impressed with the unique and cute design of the plunger by OXO. The most notable design is a plunger cover that helps to catch drips and at the same time, maintaining cleanliness. Furthermore, it arrives in a small size so it does not demand big space. This allows for easy storing near the toilet in which it can be in a closet or under a sink. What’s more, is the plunger’s head design that helps you to effectively work on clogging because it can expand outward for the toilet as well as inward for congested sink and bath drains. 

When it comes to its handle, you will not need to spend a lot of energy plunging as it has a flat-top and large top that takes up all the pressure. Significantly, buying a product from OXO is like creating a good cause as the company contributes 1% of annual sales to support environmental nonprofits.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Cute design
  • Its cover can catch drips and keep clean
  • Can put it anywhere due to its small size
  • Head design that helps you to effectively clog
  • Convenient handle that helps you to spend less energy on plunging 

A Little to Perfection

  • Strong rubber smell
  • It leaks

6. Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy

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Here is another most durable toilet plunger you can invest in. Most importantly, this one embraces a free-drip design in which there is a special magnetic collar in order to protect the cover to the plunger’s rod. Therefore, you can pick them up and bring them together without drips. Moving on to its flange, it comes with a narrow figure so that it can work efficiently with modern toilets. 

In addition, thanks to its large opening allow the plunger to easily separate from it. At the same time, it also carefully hides the plunger when you do not use it. More than this, we cannot overlook its stainless and durable rod that is suitable for strong use. Last but not least, there is a 5-year warranty on the product so you will not regret purchasing this. Do not wait and grab this high-quality plunger that will last for years in your home right now.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Free-drip design to protect the cover to the plunger’s rod
  • A small figure works effectively with modern toilets
  • Large opening that hides the plunger when not using
  • Strong stainless steel rod
  • 5-year warranty

A Little to Perfection

  • Handle gets stained over time and is stiff

5. Heavy Duty Rubber Cup Toilet Plunger

Supply Guru Heavy Duty Force Cup Rubber Toilet Plunger

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Our top 5 toilet plunger is the one that comes with the long timbered handle. If you want a toilet plunger to use at home and business places, then this plunger is the perfect answer for you. Although it has quite a simple design, it is extremely capable of fixing the toilet clogs.

Along with a strong long handle, there is also a powerful cup that is well-prepared to take on any toilet clogs and drains. In addition, this cup is powerful because of its giant capacity to clear out clogs effortlessly. On top of this, this tough cup plunger is super great for flat surfaces including the shower pan or kitchen sink as well as most household drains and toilets. Even though the wooden handle might remind you of the old-time, you can definitely rely on its quality to help you with the issue of clogs and drains.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Long timbered handle to facilitate your clogging
  • Simple design yet is capable 
  • Superior cup to effectively clear out the clogs
  • Suitable for flat surfaces

A Little to Perfection

  • Not heavy-duty as it claimed
  • Is not balanced and keeps flipping out

4. JS Jackson Supplies Professional Bellows

JS Jackson Supplies Professional Bellows

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Just as the saying goes, modern problems require modern solutions. If you are facing trouble with the clogs in your modern toilet, this professional modern bellow plunger will save you from such trouble. Unlike the traditional plunger, this plunger will provide more power in unclogging obstacles and blockages of the toilet drains. Most importantly, it makes use of the water efficiently in your toilet to support plunging and offers maximum plunging power in order to save your energy.

This plunger works greatly on all sorts of clogs for all standard toilets. Furthermore, it has a multi-functional purpose in which it does not only work great on toilets but also kitchen drains too. This not to mention its no fold lip design which remarkably reduces the risk of splashback. Lastly, there is a wide range of colors for you to freely choose from to fit your style and clear out all the troubles.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Specialize in working with any clogs and blockages
  • Can utilize the toilet water to support plunging 
  • Work great on all standard toilets
  • Multi-functional
  • Many colors to choose from
  • No-fold lip design avoids splashback risk

A Little to Perfection

  • Not heavy-duty
  • Not for all toilet-openings

3. ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger

 ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger

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Here is another best Revolutionary plunger or is known as the toiletshroom plunger that helps you to successfully overcome the toilet clogs by just following a single simple step. Along with this, the toiletshroom is the ideal tool for both dredging and at the same time, a squeegee to help keep the insides of your toilet clean. On top of these, this plunger is made with great materials including Natural ABS Plastics, High-Quality TPR, ToiletShroom as well as rust-proof Stainless Steel. These materials are made to last for a long time.

Besides, there is also an included Caddy holder for you to store the ToiletShroom when you do not use it. Along with the ToiletShroom, its head has a creative design with the purpose to hit all sorts of toilets out there. Last but not least, you will get a 1-year warranty on the product and can return it within 60 days without getting asked about reasons.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Ideal for both dredging and squeegee 
  • A Caddy holder provided to store ToiletShroom
  • Made of great materials that last for a long time
  • ToiletShroom head in order to fit with all kinds of toilet
  • 1-year warranty and return policy

A Little to Perfection

  • Not long enough
  • Not durable

2. Clorox Toilet Plunger

Clorox Toilet Plunger

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We guess you will be impressed with the most functional toilet plunger brought by Clorox. If you purchase this set, there is one toilet plunger and one caddy included within the package. Moreover, both the toilet plunger and caddy features are designed with germ-free features. Therefore, it embraces the antimicrobial plunger cup that prevents mold and bacteria. 

In addition, the special thing about the Caddy springs will automatically open every time the toilet plunger is raised and keep the plunger organized when you do not use it. On the other hand, the plunger cup is also protected. Therefore, it will not wear away easily. Grab one now with this great quality plunger as well as a trending design in order to solve any tough toilet issues. This is not all, the given Caddy will also offer helpful assistance in keeping your toilet dry and clean. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Come with a plunger as well as helpful Caddy
  • Feature the anti-germ protection
  • Automatic Caddy which stores the plunger neatly and avoids creating toilet mess
  • High-quality plunger

A Little to Perfection

  • It does not work 
  • It is broken easily

1. MR.SIGA Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush

 MR.SIGA Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush

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Congratulations on arriving at our top one MR.SIGA toilet plunger that comes with a bowl brush. Especially, you can totally invest in this one as both the toilet plunger and brush are capable of fixing the clog. Plus, the convenient design will save a lot of storage space. Moreover, it is applicable for commercial as well as residential usage. 

On top of these, the plunger is heavy-duty and is excellently made with a rubber cup which offers utmost plunging power for getting rid of any shower drains, sinks, and clogs of a toilet bowl. Along with this, there is a highly effective and practical toilet brush that provides deep cleaning and the places within the corner of the toilet bowl that is difficult to extend to. Last, it is the given solid holder that keeps the plunger safe and neatly which is totally anti-bacteria. You will completely love this new set of plungers.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Convenient design for comfortable storage
  • Heavy-duty plunger
  • Powerful in working on clogging issues
  • Provide a deep cleaning where it is hard to clean
  • A solid holder that keeps the plunger safe and organized 

A Little to Perfection

  • The handle is flimsy
  • Low-quality rubber 

Buying Guides To Choosing Best Toilet Plungers in 2021

Size of the plunger cup

Size has always been one of the important factors for you to consider before purchasing any products. It applies the same to the toilet plunger, especially its cup. You might wonder why? It is because of the different sizes of toilet each house has. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a plunger, you need to make sure that the plunger you choose comes with a matching size with your toilet. As a result, if they match with one another then the plunger can effectively help you to work on the clog without hassles such as splashing the water back or the possibility that the cup will flip out during the plunging. 


Basically, this is the absolute first thing you should never overlook is the product quality. There are various ways you can foresee the product quality. Initially, it is crucial to conduct some research about the product as well as the company that sells the product. Initially, it can give you some clues about the reliability and quality of the product itself. Another helpful way is to go through the customer reviews on the product website so that you know how many people are actually satisfied with the product you are going to buy. Now that you know about this tip, we are sure you can pick out a great quality product that both does a good job and saves your precious budget.

Plunger holder

Another vital thing to think about is the plunger holder. Generally, if you buy a toilet plunger set, the company does not always include the holder for you. Consequently, it is often better to select the package that comes with the holder. The holder sounds simple but it actually is a necessary complement that cannot be left out especially if you are a clean person. Significantly, the holder can help to store the plunger from any bacteria in the toilet and at the same time, keep your bathroom clean and wet. You would never want to imagine after a long hour of fixing the clog, your plunger causes messy drips everywhere on your toilet floor because you do not have a holder to store it. Most importantly, if you have a small toilet, the holder will save you more space by keeping the plunger in it safely and neatly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Toilet Plungers in 2021

How many types of toilet plungers?

There are five types of toilet plungers. Initially, the flange plunger which is known as the best plunger for basic toilets. Second, it is the beehive plunger that has the shape of a beehive just like its name. For this one, it is known to work best with low flow toilet plungers. Third, it is the common cup plungers that every homeowner owns. Normally, they work well with sinks instead of toilets with curved bowls. Fourth, the tiered plunger is specially designed with strong suction to clear out the clogs and almost fix any size of a bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and toilet bowl.

Is there a proper way to use a plunger?

Definitely, there is a correct way to use a plunger. First, let’s position the plunger cup on the drain so that it can invent a tight seal. Next, you should start using hard pressure, push and pull the plunger upright. Moreover, whenever you use the plunger, let’s make sure the flange is outside the cup. Once you put your plunger in the water, the cup should be covered with water. Next, the rubber flange should be thrust into the drain for establishing suction. Lastly, please keep the “seal” away from the drain and place the plunger in the water.


After going through our top 10 toilet plungers, we are sure you have one in mind because these top ten toilet plungers are not only the best in terms of their quality and design but also in terms of functionality. Therefore, we recommend you to invest in one of them so that you will not get stressed over any drains and clogs since the toilet plunger will come to the rescue.

We hope the product information is a helpful guide for you to buy the best toilet plunger that can blend in with your bathroom decoration and fix the issue effectively. Grab one of the plungers above, you will be impressed with how well they could perform their job as well as save your budget because they are very durable. For this reason, even after multiple uses, these toilet plungers can still maintain their quality and ensure a well-done job in solving all kinds of toilet clogs and drains.

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