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10 Comprehensive Guides To Self Massage Tools For Improving Your Pain Relief

It is undoubtedly true that massage has a plethora of clinically proven physical and mental benefits ranging from relaxation, anxiety relief, pain control, muscle tension relief to toxin release. Plus, it helps relieve minor pains, such as those in the head, neck, shoulders, abdomen, upper and lower back, glutes, and hips. However, you might not have the luxury of time nor financial capability to book an appointment with a professional massage therapist. Conversely, you are not always required to visit a masseuse or masseur to reap the benefits.  This is when self-massage comes into sight as it can also be helpful for certain kinds of ailments.

Thankfully, technology plays a vital role here. Technological developments and innovations have enabled us to develop more efficient electronic massagers. While they do not provide the same experience as a professional massage, the best models can certainly measure up. The greatest feature is that the majority of them are reasonably priced. As a matter of fact, purchasing a massager instead of visiting a professional may save you a significant amount of money over time. Hence, here is a painstaking guide to self-massage tools you should consider purchasing to improve your pain relief.

Benefits of Using Self-Massage Tools

At the end of the day, all you need is to rid yourself of aches and pain in your body as well as keeping yourself in your best shape. Therefore, it is extremely important that you take certain body parts into account and find out the advantages of employing self-massage tools prior to adding them to your collection of amenities. 

First of all, the need for protection and relief of the neck is crucial with so many muscles and soft tissue structures in and around the neck. Stress and tightness can result in headaches in the neck, shoulders, and facial areas. Therefore, enhancing circulation will add more oxygen and nutrients and speed the recovery of the problem areas due to the use of self-massage tools. Furthermore, relaxation of the neck muscles also paves the way for increased blood flow and more oxygen in the brain to decrease tension and migraines. In addition to this, by using the varying methods of shoulder massage, trigger points can be released, chronic stress can be phased out and neck muscles can be brought back to full flexibility.

Similarly, a hand massage can improve your quality of life and your health in many ways. Reduced hand pain, less anxiety, better mood, better sleep, greater grip strength, stable blood pressure can be considered the advantages of a hand massage. Massage of such kind is aimed at reducing muscle tension by improving muscle elasticity and flexibility and loosening the tissue of the scar. On top of this, an arm massage promotes blood flow increase. An increase in blood circulation increases muscle temperature which allows the muscle to relax. Studies have shown that having a hand massage on a weekly basis and self-massages on a day-to-day basis can help to reduce the pain of many conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy.

On top of this, it is important to take care of your lower half because they are really the legs you stand, walk and run on. Foot massage increases your circulation, helps to cure your muscles and tissues, and keeps them healthy. This is particularly essential if you have health problems, like diabetes, that contribute to poor circulation or nerve damage. A daily foot massage for a couple of minutes is a good option, to keep your feet strong and flexible. Apart from this, massaging your legs and feet activates your nervous system, enhancing pleasure chemicals in the brain such as endorphin, dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. 

10 Guides to Self-Massage Tools to Relieve Your Pain

1. Massage Seat Cushion

When it comes to self-massaging tools, you would not want to miss out on a massage seat cushion. A low-cost version of the massage chair is massage seat cushions. They can be put on sofas, chairs, or armchairs for they require less room to store, as opposed to the massage chair on their own. Plus, you can also take them anywhere with you whether that is to work, to a road trip, or to use them in a car. They offer a pleasant experience indeed, living up to their reputation.

Furthermore, these massage seat cushions give you a thorough massage to most parts of your body, from your neck, your back, hips, buttocks, to your thighs. Besides, this type of massage is not only very relaxing but also extremely useful to remove any muscle nodes you may have in your muscles. Keep in mind that most of them come with a heated massage that will certainly improve your massage sessions.

2. Percussion Massager

You should understand the purpose of the percussion massager. Many of them consist of multiple massage heads for various uses. Some are designed specifically for athletes, for instance, while others are more focused on home massages. Additionally, on the subject of percussion massager, the quality of the battery is crucial as it determines the amount of time before recharging. You would absolutely prefer a massager with the longest working time, right?

On top of this, it is very advantageous to have one percussion massager at various speeds because it makes one massager beneficial for different individuals and in varying moments. Besides, a percussion massage without disturbing noise is more rewarding. Many of them come with technology that almost or completely intensifies the massage experience.

3. Body Wellness Posture Corrector

It is very vital for you to purchase the correct size which fits your chest, shoulder, and back when it comes to body wellness posture corrector. Thoroughly check with the manufacturer to inspect the measurement to ensure your posture is accurate and comfortable.   For detailed information, please double-check with the company for the policies of certain companies including replacement and reimbursement, whereas some do not. Furthermore, consider the body wellness posture corrector design properly because some correctors have a buckle design and are open-backed; others, on the contrary, are close-backed and plain. Consequently, choose at your own disposal.

4. Full Body Massage Chair

Another excellent self-massaging tool you should consider buying is a massage chair. It offers a thorough massage experience as it is super comfortable and versatile although it might be a bit large in size. Apart from this, these full body massage chairs massage the entire body, from your neck to your toes with pre-defined or modified massage programs. In addition to this, they are not only extremely relaxing and pleasant but also capable of stimulating your blood flow and alleviating your muscles from the tension that builds up in the daytime.

Interestingly, this type of massage chair remarkably offers zero gravity massage. To simply put, it tilts backward, meaning you need to lie down toward the ceiling to initiate this sort of massage. Moreover, it aligns your head with your feet once your body is fully lying down, hence, the majority of your weight will be aided by the chair and not your muscles or bones. Getting a massage in this position is an enriching experience and will ensure to relieve you of all your pain.

5. Foam Roller for Back

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique. A soft semi-tube of expanded foam sounds typical, but there are incredible product differences. They are getting fatter, thinner, longer, and shorter. Some of the foam rollers for the back have ridges, while others are smooth. Notably, you should use it on the ground by placing your roller under your legs.

You then manipulate the foam roller by using your body weight. The more weight you put pressure on, the deeper in your muscles you feel. It can contribute to the relief of muscle tension, aches and inflammation, and increase your joint range. Furthermore, foam rolling can be an efficient tool before and after a workout to add to your warmup or cooldown.

6. Acupuncture Pen

The versatility of the acupuncture pen is one of the most essential topics you should take into consideration. An acupuncture pen is thought to be flexible with a range of heads that allow you to use them for diverse reasons. In addition, the majority of modern acupuncture pens have a minimum of 3 heads, including node head, spheroid, and dome head. It is recommended to search for the acupuncture pen with at least 3 heads. Besides, most of the high-quality acupuncture pens have a 1–9-degree adjustable intensity that can be modified to your preferences to achieve the greatest experience during the massage session and obtain the desired result.

Moreover, products receiving FDA approval tend to be more reliable and of higher quality. Thus, you should not miss the FDA-approved acupuncture pen. On top of this, you would be happy to use the modern acupuncture style supplied with the guarantee. It demonstrates the quality and efficiency of the products while simultaneously being satisfied with the product because you can return the defect and get returned with a new product.

7. Foot Bath Massager

When talking about foot massage, a foot bath massager is a go-to self-massage tool for when you do not have time to seek professional massage. They are perfect for people who want to soak their feet after a long day at work or school. To put it concisely, foot bath massagers are just water basins where you can soak your feet and massage them. Moreover, some use motorized pedal rollers, while others deliver a soothing experience utilizing manual rollers. More importantly, foot bath massagers are wonderful because they keep the temperature of the water, and if you wish, some can even warm up the water.

Most of these units are suitable with massage oils as well as bath salts and combining these products will only increase the experience of your massage. Technically, to massage and scrub your feet, they employ various accessories, leading to an improvement in your blood circulation and your skin condition. The more you take care of your feet, the stronger and healthier they become. Plus, the reduced chance of your long-term leg or ankle injury is also achieved through improved joint and muscle strength.

8. Foot Massager

The desire to rest comes at the end of a long, hard-working day. Foot Massagers are great for people who want their feet to be treated royally. These units use various massage techniques to massage your feet, and most feature different intensity configurations to make your massage experience a relaxing one.

The foot massagers are terrific to improve the circulation of your blood, reduce stiffness, and lessen ankle or heel pain for all of these units are designed to stimulate and improve circulation of your feet and leg muscles, whether it is applying a swinging, vibrating, or kneading massage technique. However, you should take into consideration that applying pressure in the wrong place will not alleviate the problem as some other problems may arise. If the pressure exceeds the requirement, pain occurs near the pressure point or in that section of the body.

9. Massage Mat

The most excellent materials we strongly advise are plastic, cotton fabric, and polyester on the subject of massage mat. This is because they are extremely soft, clean, and foldable. In addition, they are durable and versatile to use and carry. Not to mention, you should look for mattresses with little intensity, numerous modes, and as selective areas as possible.

You will therefore be able to experience additional pleasant experiences as well as to adapt the massage mat to your needs. More importantly, do not overlook whether or not the mat that you buy has overheated and auto-off functions as both help prevent unnecessary heat that could burn your body and back. Ultimately, you should take into account the product warranty.

10. Pillow Massager

A good pillow massager has many great designs and versatile usage functions. You should know that some have fewer nodes than others. Some of them are only targeting a few parts of the body. In addition, some provide protection against heat but others do not. Furthermore, when it is small, compact, lightweight, and mobile, a pillow massager is more convenient to use. Conversely, it would be hard to target your sore precisely if it were too big.

Apart from this, the pillow massager is easier to carry and use during the massaging session. Plus, choosing the pillow massager with top-quality leather or fabric is very essential for this type of fabric is more comfortable, soft to the touch, sustainable, and multifunctional.


Technological advancements created a world in which you can accommodate yourself with your own massage tools, cozily at your own home, office, or gym. It is convenient to use and easy to afford static models, as well as motorized models for the most part. Because each body is distinct, a number of choices may have to be tested until you find the right technique. You will be very relaxed at least by the end of the day and feel much better.

It goes without saying that in order to achieve the goals of relieving pain at any certain body parts, self-massaging tools are of significant importance in this contemporary world. Consequently, here we are exclusively providing you with complete and accurate guidance to improve your pain relief with a considerable amount of self-massage tools.


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