We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic has been spreading for 1 year already and the situation is worsening each day. One of the most depressing things Covid-19 has brought to our daily lives is that our lives no longer operate the same way they do. Nowadays, we are not allowed to go out and hang out with our friends as often as we used to since we need to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus. Therefore, home is a safe place where all of us are suggested to spend most of our time doing things. Trust me, you are not the only one who finds it both stressing and depressing to spend the rest of your time at home even more than before. Some days, you will find yourself lay on your bed doing nothing for you cannot think of doing anything enjoyable in the house. However, after reading this article, we assure you that you will pick up new and fun activities to boost your productivity and at the same time, eliminating your boredom. 

Moreover, this does not only apply to those who are in quarantine but also people who like to spend their time in their house. They can try out these activities as well. Let’s dig into the 14 activities that we think you will enjoy them.

1. Working out 

Working out is a crucial, and healthy lifestyle that many people already adopt as a part of their lives. If you have not worked out before, now must be the right time you should consider working out as it does not only improve your physical health but also mental health as well. If you ask, do you need to have worked out teachers to train you? The answer is not necessarily. You can easily work out on your own in any convenient space of your house. Then, you can freely watch and follow the workout guideline by watching videos on YouTube. One of the most popular and simple workouts is yoga. Yoga is a type of workout which includes both physical and spiritual meditation. 

Just as we mentioned above, you can also do yoga on your own by finding yoga videos on YouTube and simply follow their instructions. This is called a digital yoga class. After being able to find the most interesting yoga videos, yoga equipment is necessary to do yoga at home. These include yoga mats, yoga mat cleaners, and yoga straps. A yoga mat is essential as it helps you to exercise more comfortably than on bare floors. Moreover, it helps to maintain balance and keep your body posture right while doing yoga. Most importantly, the yoga mat has an anti-slipping nature so you will not likely slip as easily as you will on the floor. At the same time, having a yoga mat is important but obtaining a clean yoga mat is also equally crucial. You will not want to exercise on a yoga mat that is dirty because naturally when we exercise, the mat will absorb the sweat from your body and transform them into germs. So, you need to wash it as soon as possible. On an important note, not all yoga mats can be cleaned with water and soap as this will decrease the mat’s quality. This is when a yoga mat cleaner will come to the rescue and clean the mat without reducing its quality. Last but not least, never overlook the advantages of yoga straps as they do not only assist you to carry a yoga mat around but they also serve as a flexible tool. They are useful for you to learn difficult poses during your exercise session especially when you want to do a handstand.

Another type of workout you should also try out is cardio workout or known as aerobic exercise. This type of workout aims to increase your heart rate and make your heart actively pump the blood throughout your body. This exercise improves many of your health aspects including heart health, mood, sleep, weight loss, and metabolism. If you are not familiar with what cardio exercise is, you can simply ride the folding exercise bikes, jump on mini trampolines, run using Lintelek fitness trackers, kid fitness trackers, or cross-training shoes. These are equipment that will increase your heart rate during your exercise. Folding exercise bike, for instance, is the unique exercise material that effectively helps you on the way to weight loss since you can burn calories over 300 if you pedal it at a fast speed within just 30 minutes. Some of you might be already familiar with pedaling this folding exercise bike and want to try another type of exercise. So, how about enjoy jumping on the trampoline? This kind of exercise is more exciting while enhancing your physical fitness simultaneously. When it comes to this workout, a must-need tool is a mini-trampoline. If you prefer to work out by building your balance, a balance board can help you to fulfill your demand. The last thing, if your house has a pool, swimming is another fun workout you should try. So, hand paddles are essential equipment for every swimmer’s training either you are beginner or professional swimmers when it comes to swimming efficiency, bettering speed, and improving endurance. 

2. Build Your Home Cinema

We are sure you miss buying the popcorn and going to the cinema hall to watch your favorite movie with your friends. However, going to the cinema now is not a safe choice given the current situation. This does not mean you no longer can enjoy watching a movie on the big screen. The portable projector is the best solution and will help you to create your home cinema at home. With these portable projectors, you can freely choose any kind of video and movie to display and enjoy new theater experiences at home with your loved ones. You also will not have to get annoyed or interrupted by people behind your back seat disturbing you like when you are in a cinema. Therefore, you can have a full focus on your favorite movie. Plus, the easy installation and the small size make the portable projector the ideal candidate if you want to build a home cinema.

3. Listening To Your Favorite Music and Podcast

Are you feeling bored, sad, and happy? Listening to music is the most effective yet simple method of cheering you up when you feel low and making you feel happier if you are already in a happy mood. Furthermore, listening to your favorite music also improves your physical health by reducing your anxiety, blood pressure as well as can make you sleep soundly and improves your mood. In addition to music, a podcast is also a great choice for you. If you tend to listen to music all the time, you might want to try listening to a podcast sometimes. A podcast is a series of episodes in which those episodes are audio files that you can download to listen to. Listening to a podcast might feel different as it is all sound so while you listen to it, you can imagine the scenario when they narrate the story. The podcast comes in the form of entertainment, talk show or education. 

Either you choose to listen to your favorite music or podcast, it will sound even better when you listen to it with the Bose portable speaker. You feel like you are really in the music video since these speakers will produce high-quality sound from whatever music you listen to. You can also carry it around and put your favorite music on the play while doing other things in your house. 

4. Video Game

One of the popular forms of fun activities to relieve stress and get rid of your boredom is definitely video games. Playing video games is fun and exciting as it makes us feel like it brings us to another world that is totally thrilling than reality. Additionally, the video game does not only please you but also the important skills that help you to apply in real life too. These skills include problem-solving skills, planning or strategic skills, teamwork. In reality, we can use efficiently use these skills in our work in case there is any problem arises. You can enjoy playing your video game to the fullest with gaming equipment such as gaming chairs with footrests, gaming pcs, 1080p monitors, wireless gaming mouses, Bluetooth gaming headsets, computer desks. 

For example, if you do not want to get shoulder pain or neck pain after a few hours of enjoyment playing the video game just because you cannot find a place to properly put the computer. So, you need to bend down and play the game because you place your computer in a place like your bed. As a result, you get all these pains afterward. Fortunately, the most appropriate place to place your computer is on the desk. Now, you can conveniently play the game by sitting on the gaming chair which is a perfect match with the computer desk. Moreover, you cannot be completely into a game without a wonderful game sound with Bluetooth gaming headsets. It will provide you with satisfying gaming experiences and comfort even wearing for long hours. With these gaming sets, you will feel like a character in the game and you will absolutely forget about the boredom.

5. Brew Your Favorite Coffee

Are you bored and also a coffee lover? It is the right time to try and test out your own coffee recipe. Now that, you spend most of your day inside your house and this also restricts you to go out and buy coffee at the coffee shops as much as you normally do. It does not sound too bad, does it? Because not being able to buy coffee at coffee shops, you can save more money by making your own coffee at home. For those who have never made coffee before, it might be challenging at first. Although it is hard at first, it will get easier after a few attempts of trying. You just need to create a clear recipe and what kind of preferred taste you desire. You will be able to make a tasteful cup of coffee that suits your taste by further simply doing a bit of research on the internet. Therefore, you will get to know what type of coffee bean and other related coffee ingredients can assist you to create the taste you really want in your coffee. 

Especially for beginners who just start making coffee on their own, they might not have coffee makers at home. We briefly introduce you to the French press coffee maker which is one of the most widely used coffee makers. Although the French press is not an electrical coffee maker, it offers you a fresh and flavorful coffee taste and smell. French press might provide you a better coffee taste than a typical drip coffee maker. You can also try out the single serve coffee makers. This is the kind of coffee maker in which you can brew a coffee pod or make a traditional coffee and you can get your coffee in just three minutes. Moreover, This single coffee maker fits perfectly in small places such as countertops, offices, tables, etc. Besides these two coffee makers, you also can check other great similar coffee makers such as pour over coffee makers, cold brew coffee makers, k-cup coffee makers.

6. Learn How To Do Your Make Up and Hair Style

For ladies who have never put on make-up before, now you have a lot of time discovering or trying out self-make-up. If you get bored, it is wise to spend time caring about your beauty at home. For beginners, it is both exciting and challenging the first time they try to do self-make-up. It is worthy to try and learn after all. Who knows? Maybe you can become a professional and you can save your budget by not going to the salon because you already know how to apply self-make up well. Apart from learning the make-up skills, you can also learn how to do new hairstyles at home because the hairstyle is as important as make-up for both women and men. You can either look more or less attractive with the right hairstyle. When it comes to doing new hairstyles, there is one essential item you should not miss out which is the hair strengthening brush. Just like the name implies, the brush will transform your curly hair into pretty straight hair in just minutes and vice versa. What’s more special is that it does not only strengthen your hair but also allows you to style your hair into any hairstyle you want as well.

7. Organize Your Home

Do you say you are bored while at the same time, you lay down on a pile of clothes that you have not washed for a week already? Remember the things you take out to use and forget to put them back because, at that time, you were in a rush to work? Now, you can still see them all over the place. You just realized your house is quite messy by now, isn’t it? How about spend a few hours and organizing your home? It is always a good idea to organize your home as it is a place where we live so it should be cleaned all the time. A clean and organized house does not only make you healthy but also makes you feel fresh and delighted to see there is no mess in the house. 

You can start by wiping the floor with the fabric conditioner so the floor of your house will create a good smell and are cleaned too. Next, you can focus on doing laundry by gathering all the blankets, pillows, or anything that you have not washed for long ago and put them in the washing machine. Additionally, you should also arrange your study or work desk and we are sure there are papers all over, by doing this will reduce you stress later when you want to find important papers. Last but not least, throwing unnecessary things away is also a part of organizing your home as it helps you create more space for your house and get rid of the virus that clings onto those things. Although organizing your home might be tiring but if you can really adopt it as a habit or a hobby, you will find it satisfying to see that your house is always cleaned. 

8. Take Care of Your Health by Drinking Warm Water

We are sure during this pandemic situation, the most important thing we are all concerned about is our health. Therefore, make sure when you stay at home, avoid drinking too many soft drinks. If you keep on feeding unhealthy foods to your stomach, they will harm your health in no time. Moreover, you also should need to reduce drinking all kinds of sweet drinks and cold drinks sometimes too. According to a study, if you have the flu or a cold, drinking cold water will make your congestion worse. This is for people who love drinking cold water daily, you should consider drinking warm water at times. Warm water, on the other hand, can aid in digestion, your circulation, and get rid of toxins faster. Also, drinking warm or hot water has been found to make you less thirsty. 

Anyway, unlike the traditional way of boiling or warming the water, the existence of electric kettle will make your life easier. Now you take less time and feel safer boiling water with an electric kettle than with the pot. Additionally, some of the electric kettles can even keep your drink or water warm for an hour or more as well. Another option is the glass electric kettle which offers more reliability along with ultimate superior temperature control. 

9. Exploring Yourself to Cook New Dishes

This point is not so different from the point mentioned above. The only difference is another thing you should consider if you want to take care of your health, it is definitely about food. So, some of you might not only get bored and also lazy when it comes to cooking. Hence, ordering delicious fast food and snacks with just a click on the phone sounds very convenient and easy, right? However, you might not realize that ordering these kinds of foods will have a bad impact on health badly as these foods contain a lot of fat and calories. Why not cut down on ordering foods and learn to cook at home instead? This is a perfect deal for your health. Just like one phrase doctors always say “You Are What You Eat”. This simply means you need to eat good foods to be healthy. It will be fun to learn and you can also make your favorite dishes or healthy foods by yourself. You can also get creative by coming up with your own dishes or discover new dishes to make at home. Doesn’t this sound fun and healthy at the same time? Being able to cook your own dish also means you will feel safer and cleaner than eating the food others cook for you. In this modern era, if you crave BBQ or grilled steaks, you will no longer have to experience smoke that will affect your hair or smell inside the house with the electric griddles’ assistance. Now you can cook a variety of different food on the electric griddle along with the temperature control. After cooking, you need not worry about cleaning as it https://topbuzzlist.com/best-electric-griddles/#more-858is easy to clean. You will find cooking more enjoyable by taking less time and energy with the electric griddle. Anyway, an electric griddle is not the only alternative you can ever find. Other cooking equipment also assists you to cook indoor more easily such as power air fryer ovens, indoor grills, induction cooktops, and slide-in gas ranges

10. Make Your Favorite Desserts and Beverages

Along with food, we undeniably cannot skip the last course that concludes a meal which is either dessert or any beverage. There are specific reasons why dessert or beverage are served as the last course of the meal is because these set of food will trick us into desiring more food and once again give us the pleasure of eating even after we eat the main course of the meal. Another reason is that after we finish consuming a full meal, our stomach can only manage to handle dessert and not the same type of full meal again. That is the main reason why you tend to feel not completely full if you miss out on eating dessert after a full-course meal. It is not a hard task to make desserts such as ice cream, waffle, pancake, or any smoothie, or juicy drinks as long as you have the equipment. Specifically, the easiest healthy drink you can drink to care about your well-being is fresh juice which incorporates both fruit and vegetables into a drink. Having a juice extractor or smoothie blenders will help you to easier make fresh juice not only for yourself but for your family too. You can also homemade ice cream by making it on your own with ice cream makers. Lastly, one of the popular Western desserts which are pancakes and waffles. You can make them with waffle makers.

11. Reading Your Collective Books That You Miss to Read

Another greatest habit for you to ever adopt when you are at home is reading books. Especially if you are a book lover, we are sure you already bought tons of books and arrange them on your bookshelves. However, you might only be able to finish reading a few books in a year because either you are lazy or do not have time. Now that you have more time, why not spend it reading them? You can also go through the old books that you have already finished reading a long time ago, it will bring back the feeling like when you first reading it. Everyone acknowledges the importance of reading as it keeps us entertained by allowing us to imagine things and create different scenarios through the words written by the author. Sounds fun, right? On top of this, books give us endless knowledge and help us to understand things that cannot be taught academically. Lastly, reading also reduces stress when you choose to read comic books. This will make you feel better and happier. It is time to pick out a book and let it bring you to another world you never know it exists. 

12. Photograph Your Moment

Let’s move on to another important hobby is photography. Nowadays, photography is one form of fun activities enjoyed by many people. For people who never like to take a photo before, you might need to change your mind as photography is much more exciting than you have imagined it to be. For beginners, you do not necessarily need to buy an expensive camera to start your photography hobby. You only need a phone and you can start and enjoy taking photos as much as you want. Also, you do not need to go outside to be able to take good pictures, you can take good photos of any things and activities like cooking or baking. These photos will help you to capture your precious and other memorable moments in life. Moreover, they also connect our past and remind us about memories we have with people in our lives. What’s even more beneficial is that if your photography skill gets better with time, you can even obtain a job as a professional photographer as well.

13. Social Media Interacting

We all know that this fun activity is nothing new and surprising which is the social media interaction because social media has become an important part of our lives. Every one of us is on the phone all the time because we are bored. Although we use social media all the time, some of us might not have used it to the fullest yet. We want to simply refer this to more interaction that should have been made on the social media platform. We should chat and have more conversations with our friends or relatives and make sure they feel more connected with us during this hard time. Doing this will make us feel more comforted and at the same time, get rid of our boredom. Talking to people we care about especially is also another great way to express your love towards them. With social media, you have more chances to specially connect with people especially those who live far away from us. In addition, on the social media platform, it is an awesome place which brings people together so you can even make friends with strangers who seem to have similar interest as you. Now, it is time to grab your phone and text people you really want to talk to and ask how they have been doing! 

14. Enjoy Your Home Massage Time at Home

At home, some of you might find things to keep you busy all the time since you are bored. Some might choose to do house chores or others learn to cook or do other things that require strength. At the end of the day, you are aware of the pains your body feels because of the hard tasks you do during the day. Why not spend some time relieving your muscle or body pain by massaging them? You can have your full body relaxed at home with the full body massage chairs by not going to the gym or massage places. This full-body massage chair will provide you the best massage for your whole body. As a result, your body will feel more relaxed and better the moment you finish massaging with this chair. If you want to have your specific body part massaged, you can check out foot bath massagers for foot. While percussion massagers aim to relieve aching joints, stiffness, and pain. Along with this, massage seat cushions usually massage your neck, shoulders, back, and arms. If you experience back pain and neck stress, then a pillow massager will do its work for you. 

Let’s check out these 14 fun activities the moment you feel bored at home. With all of these mentioned activities, we are guaranteed you no longer feel bored but instead, they help you to enjoy spending your time at home more. 


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