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These Are Perfect Indoor Grow Tent Setup Guides That Can Work For You

What is a grow tent? The grow tent or grow room are foldable tents that you can grow plants indoors. Grow tents let you have fresh produce year-round by creating a green environment indoor garden. This means it allows you to create a garden ecosystem that’s separated from the rest of your indoor space. Especially in such spaces as a garage or closet, the grow tents are perfect for growing ideals. It is normally made out of flexible materials and has fans, lights, and carbon filters. The interior reflective material assists to prevent hot spots. Additionally, the enclosed environment benefits seedlings as it allows the grower full control over climate, humidity, water, and lighting. Hence, your plants will grow faster and stronger.

Lighting, temperature, and ambient humidity are crucial factors that robust, healthy plant growth is needed. Luckily, the indoor grow tents can bring you those factors due to the presence of their special construction. Even the grow tents contain many beneficial constructions for growing plants, it’s setting up procedure is not complicated or hard for the grower. With that said, it has effective steps to follow to set up successfully once you know what is needed. You have never noticed them before, have you? That’s why we are here to share perfect guides to set up your indoor grow tents. So, why hesitate? Check it out and generate an appropriate environmental condition that your plants desire.

1st Step: Pick Up a Favorable Grow Tent

The plant you would like to grow is the key to select an optimal grow tent size. With either high intensity lights or taller growing plants, need bigger tents size or taller tents. Yet, if for mother plants, cuttings and seedlings, a small tent is an incredible option. Moreover, the size of the tent is the most necessary decision in choosing the grow tent. Too large size tent will waste money on parameters including the electricity to power lights, fans, pumps, and so on. Although, too small an area will crowd plants which have bad influences on nutrients and water, stunting the plants’ potential growth.

Take note that selecting an optimal tent has to form functions to follow. Be careful with purchasing a tent that is bigger than your growing operation. Additionally, it is unnecessary to choose a tent with more ventilation holes. We ensure choosing the best grow tent is just a piece of cake as long as you have a well prepared in advance.

2nd Step: Clean Chosen Space Thoroughly 

There are a variety of tents in different sizes separates as square or rectangular. Hence, choosing the space that will fit your grow tents is the first step. In this first step, begin by cleaning the space where you choose to put the grow tent. Clean and disinfect the room exhaustively.

Then barricade any existing gaps or spaces where dust or insects can easily enter. After that keep the room completely air dry. What’s more, the choosing room should be clear of anything unnecessary for your grow area. For example, furniture, curtains, outdoor pets, empty boxes, desks, and so on.

3rd Step: Structure Assembly 

It is so simple to put together the grow tent as the process does not include any rocket science. It is pretty convenient to set up the grow tent even if they are different from tent to tent. Read through the instructions carefully and do research on videos on YouTube from the manufacturer which give clear instructions and assist you to solve different problems. 

Simply follow the instructions to set up the frame and put it on the cloth. After that, you have to attach the parts also and it will not take much time when you have read the instructions carefully. However, remember not to rip the fabric of the structure. However, ask someone for help to get this done if you have trouble assembling the tent on your own if it is too large. Here, you have finished the second step.

4th Step: Assemble the Extractor Fan and Intake Fan

We use the extractor fan and intake fan to control the airflow in the grow tent because they provide fresh filtered air as well as eject stale exhaust air from the tent. If you prefer smell-free from your crop, an extractor fan is an incredible choice due to its high-quality filter. Start installing the cables as per the manufacturer’s manual. Then attach the fans in the proper position on the frame, normally on the upper inside of the grow tent. Additionally, ensures that it is clamped securely into place. After that, attach the aluminum ducting and maintain it as straight as possible. Remember testing the fans to guarantee they are working decently.

Fans are essential because they help strengthen the plant’s stems, prevent carbon dioxide build-up, and prevent the eruption of disease by distributed heat properly. Furthermore, you can improve air circulation by adding extra fans. Then use a small clip on the fans and point them away from the plants to prevent drying them out. Note that the leaves should only move gently. Using strong rope ratchets and a nylon rope inside your grow tent when hanging the exhaust fan. As a result, you can cut down both the vibration and the sound of the fan.

5th Step: Grow Lights Setting Up

Artificial lighting is a crucial thing for your plants inside the tent because it can promote rapid growth. However, you have to note that you can only attach as much light as the tent manufacturer has recommended. In that point of view, the plants can be burned due to too many lights. Whereas, too few lights will lead to poor nutrient uptake and stunted growth.

LED lights use little energy with lasts long life and never give overheat, which does not damage the plants. Therefore, LED lights to come as great grow lights for plants. Since rope ratchets are convenient to set up and have reasonable prices, it is a good idea to use this type of rope to hang LED lights. Consequently, you will never be concerned about either dropping the lights on the plants or putting yourself in a dark working process.

6th Step-Temperature and Humidity Gauge Assembly 

Plants require the proper combination of heat and moisture to grow greatly. Thus, it is important to monitor constantly to make sure your plants gain an optimal climate for production. Cannabis plants prefer temperatures of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep the best growth from your plants, stick to the warmer side between that range and do not let the temperature vary more than 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

A 60% relative humidity level is an incredible option in terms of humidity. Also, you can leave wet sponges near grow trays to enhance humidity leaving, while putting plant pots on the humidity trays, or use a fine spray of water to spray the plants daily.

7th Step: Minimize the Noise

It is essential to have a double check after setting up the grow tent. Since the noise has an effect on the plants you are growing, it is necessary to reduce the unneeded sound. That means you should decrease the noise of fans. To do that just hang the fans as opposed to letting them stay still on something. Likewise, remember to always keep fans clean for the purpose to prevent sounds from developing.

Such air and water pump vibration things, instead of placing them directly on the ground will cause a difference. We recommended placing it on a piece of wood. Consequently, the sound from the vibration will be muted.

8th Step: Safety Scan

It is like other projects, before start using a thing, a beforehand safety check should not be overlooked. Therefore, do not forget to have a quick safety recheck before placing the plants and use the grow tent. Following are the points that you should focus on:

  • Ensure that all electrical connections are perfectly secure.
  • Make sure there are no electrical cords on the floor or where they could get wet.
  • Check both the lights and fans whether they are all working properly or not. 

Be sure that all of the above points work correctly. Otherwise, your plants would be faced with strong damage or get killed easily.

9th Step: Move-in Your Plants

When you arrive at this step, means your grow tent is ready for your plants. So, you can bring the plants inside your grow tent. However, never forget to control the grow tent’s environment such as humidity, carbon dioxide levels, temperature as well as lighting to make sure they are already within optimal ranges. Since your plants will grow day by day, they can affect the environment around them. As a result, remember to adjust humidity and ventilation as the plants get bigger and bigger.

Note: Best Indoor Grow Tent Setup Requirements

As soon as you finish setting up the tent, you have to concentrate on the other factors that have an influence on the wellbeing of the plants. Since lighting is a crucial role which brings healthy growing plants. Having sufficient led grow lights to cover the whole tent is extremely important. Besides, the lights must stay close to the plans, yet not really too close as it might burn the plants.


After going through the above description, we believe that you should feel confident in setting up your own grow tent now. As we have gone over the steps assemble a grow tent with all necessary factors to launch your work process. By just simply going with the mentioned steps and some recommendations in this article, you’ll surely be ready to have your own crop of cannabis at home in no time without the hassle of smells, pests, and inappropriate climates. We hope that this will assist you to enjoy growing your favorite plants in this almost automated system.

Even though grow tents are convenient for indoor gardening, do not forget that the gardener yourself is still the central piece in this whole setup. Never thinking of leaving your plants or garden without your caring. That means when you grow tent setup is fully completed, keep monitor temperature, carbon, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels as well as adjust conditions to keep your plants growing and creating good yields. We hope all of these descriptions would be beneficial to you and hope you enjoy them. Keep in touch with us through the comment below if you have any doubts or wanted to add a more effective guide. Please be happy to tell us, we love hearing from our readers and enjoy completing their desires.