Travelling has always been one of the best types of stress-relievers and the most popular form of traveling is camping. Many people including me all grow up and are also familiar with this famous method of traveling. When we talk about camping, the first thing that comes to our mind is definitely a tent. It would not have called camping without a tent, right? However, many of us might have been sick of tent camping as it has been around for quite a while.

Therefore, it is time for us to experience something even more enjoyable and relaxing by switching to a new type of camping which is called hammock camping. Basically, hammock camping is only different from tent camping in the sense that you only need to shift the essential gear which is the tent to the hammock for camping. If you are not convinced enough to switch from tent camping to hammock one, we have come up with 10 reasons why you will not regret changing your mode of camping.

1. A more comfortable sleep

Many people who have switched from tent camping to hammock camping share one of the most interesting facts about hammock camping is that you will get a more comfortable sleep, especially at night. Sleeping on the hammock is more comfortable because you do not sleep on the ground. The main reason that sleeping in the tent on the ground is a hassle due to the rocky, sloppy, bumpy, wet areas, and tree roots you set up the tent on it without realizing it. Then, you will find yourself tossing and turning for the whole night because you feel like you sleep on a rock or a hill. As a result, this will keep you up all night and totally ruin your goodnight’s sleep because there is a high possibility that your body will be in pain the next morning you wake up.

On the other hand, hammock camping will not disappoint you and instead guarantee you a sound sleep no matter where you camp. This is because what lies on the ground does not matter anymore and with a hammock, you can easily find a spot to set up your hammock instead of spending hours just to find a perfect ground to install your tent. No more worry about bumpy or rocky hills on the ground with hammock camping.

2. Hammocks can both keep you warm and cool

When it comes to the hot season, hammocks will keep you cooler as it takes you off the ground and allows you to breathe in the fresh air and wind. This means you do not have to sleep on the sweaty pad in the tent which is naturally suffocating during hot weather. Moreover, even if you have to go camping when it is cold season, a hammock can keep you warm in contrast to the belief that hammocks are naturally cold. It might be cold if not set up properly leaving huge gaps. However, with the proper installation by following The Ultimate Guides To Hammock Camping For Camping Lovers. For example, many hammock campers should consider using the hammock Underquilt, it is usually hung from the long ends of a hammock and covers them. Although it is a bit expensive, it is the greatest alternative you can find since it is light and you can compress them to fit into your backpack without taking up much space. With this great alternative, you will be kept warm no matter how cold the weather is. 

3. Hammocks are light to carry around

3. Hammocks are light to carry around

Another good obvious thing about switching to hammock camping is its lightweight nature. It is evident that Hammocks are lighter than tents. A typical hammock usually weighs under 2 pounds and is equivalent to less than 1kg. Extremely light, right? Whereas a typical car camping tent weighs around 10 pounds which is equivalent to at least 4kg up when it comes to a 4-people tent. Moreover, it is also crucial to bear in mind that hammocks are not the only necessary gear you need for hammock camping. You also need other gears as well including hammock stands, hammock chairs, hammock under quilts, so on and so forth. Even though hammocks need additional gears just like the tent, their related gears are still way much lighter than those of the tent’s gears. Definitely, you will not enjoy carrying heavy equipment when all you want to do is peacefully relax. Therefore, this kind of advantage makes hammocks a better choice than tents.

4. Offer you real solitude 

4. Offer you real solitude 

Usually, popular camping sites are dominated by tent campers and you might already know this if you used to go on camping trips. So, this means there might be a lot of tent campers setting up their tents next to each other and of course, this will be crowded. However, it should be fine if you enjoy the crowded environment. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who detests the crowds and desires a real and quiet relaxing environment, hammocks can offer you such a thing. This helps you to find the most comfortable and as quiet as possible to camp with your camping hammock by getting away from the crowd. For this reason, as long as you can find two trees that are 12-15 feet apart to install your hammock for camping activity, you are good to go. All those bumpy, rocky grounds do not matter anymore! This also means hammock camping will create you more options of camping at more secured, more interesting and prettier, more private and calm, or fewer buggy campsites. Additionally, you can avoid the apparent flat areas that you can camp. For instance, it can be in many resorts or parks that later have developed into crowded, noisy as well as heavily impacted, and not particularly attractive places to spend the night camping.

5. Now hammocks have what the tents have

5. Now hammocks have what the tents have

Are you still hesitating to switch to hammock camping because you think hammocks do not have all the features like tents do? Then, you should change your mind as soon as possible because now camping hammocks embrace a set of features that are even cooler than tents. The most popular question which is usually asked by many people is how do they change their clothes if they decide to choose hammock camping. Of course, you can and might even be more comfortable than changing your clothes by sitting in the tent. There is this gear called a hammock tarp that allows you to set it up around your hammock. With this, you can stand up easily and change your clothes conveniently. 

  •     Hammock Tarps

If you know that where you are planning to camp, there are a lot of bugs. That is also not a worry as there is a hammock bug net to rescue you from those bugs too. With hammock camping, it does not matter if it is outdoor, indoor, cold, or summer weather, you can easily find all the basic as well as necessary hammock accessories and additional gears to facilitate your camping journey all the way. It all lies on where you will camp, what the climate is like and what kind of additional equipment you will need during your camping. You decide!

6. Hammocks give you more fun

6. Hammocks give you more fun
Brothers and sister playing on hammock. Kids having fun and on sunny summer day. The sister is 10 and her brothers is 6 years old.

You really cannot deny the fact that camping hammocks are one of the multi-tasks that help you to peacefully relax. Compared with the hammock, the tent is a bit boring as it serves only one purpose and that is sleeping. Imagine you need to go through the trouble of finding a perfect spot to set up the tent, you will likely use it only at night. While a camping hammock can not only act like a tent but also a place where you can enjoy reading while at the same time, witnessing the nature surrounding you. Just imagine and you can already picture the whole scenario and feel great, right?  

Along with the camping hammock, a camp chair makes a great combination together. It is because when you are done enjoying sleeping or swinging on the hammock when it is time to cook, you can gather together sitting on the camp chairs with your loved ones, and chill around the campfire. Hammock camping will specially keep your children entertained throughout the day as it is also a swing for kids to play in. So, kids will not feel as entertained as with the tent. 

7. Hammocks are budget-friendly

Camping hammocks are known to be less expensive which makes them more affordable than tents. Usually, both tents and their additional gears are pricey. According to some research we have conducted, a high-quality tent can cost ranging from 200$ to 500$ which does not include extra equipment. Conversely, you can save your budget by being able to pick out the great quality hammock for just under 60$. Also, tent camping lovers might already know that it is nearly impossible for a tent to not require any accessories. Since no matter where, how, and when you intend to camp, you need a rain-fly, poles, a sleeping pad, vestibule, and stakes. These are all necessary things that a tent cannot stand without. For this reason, if you are low on budget or want to save money, why not try the hammock out? It is way cheaper and can function the same and even better than the tent does. 

8. Get closer to nature

Get closer to nature

One obvious reason why people go camping is that they also want to witness the best view of nature where they camp and to get as close to nature as possible by capturing the wonderful sight as well as smell the natural fresh air. It is not a doubt that everyone wants to wake up by the morning sun, falling asleep watching the beautiful stars and opening their eyes in the morning to capture the wonderful waterfall. These are possible only with hammock camping. Now, if you sleep inside your usual tent during camping, the moment you open your eyes, you can only stare at the tent ceiling without getting to experience such things as we have mentioned above. Therefore, everything will get interrupted and you are not able to even do things like standing up, watching the star, or smell nature as what you have always longed for.

Switching from tent camping to hammock camping might be the best decision you will not regret later on. With a hammock, you will feel like you get to spend every precious moment appreciating nature and everything that surrounds you before and after you wake up from your comfortable sleep on the hammock. 

9. Simple and quick set up

8. Simple and quick set up

When it comes to hammock installation, you do not need to worry about a thing. It is very easy and you can spend just a minute to complete the whole process of setting up. Even if you have never had any knowledge about hammock setup before, there is still not a single problem about this. As long as there are tree straps, these straps allow you to set up the hammock in a minute. On the contrary, you will find it complicated to install a tent as some tent even needs two people or more than that to be able to set it up. You also need to follow and need to read the instruction; thus, you are required to spend more time in order to know how to install it successfully. 

We also have a brief easy setup guide for you. So with a hammock, you only need to wrap the tree straps around the trees around 15 feet. This is also based on how long the straps are and the width of the tree. Then, lock the biners into the straps. That is all about the setup. Last but not least, you can also adjust the hammock strap to ensure your sleeping convenience. 

10. Hammocks are environmental-friendly 

Now, if you are an environmentalist, then we think this reason is enough for you to consider totally switching to hammock camping. You might ask what is the relation between environment and hammock camping? Actually, this is something that we tend to overlook. With hammock camping, you can easily practice what we called Leave No Trace (LNT). As you already know, hammocks are not required to set up on the ground. Therefore, they will not crush or destroy any small plants on the ground as tents do. To further avoid crashing the trees, tree straps are recommended to use. You can easily find these straps as they are usually sold on the market. 




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