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9 Reasons Why People Love Loud Music

Music is one of the best inventions that humankind ever invented. It gives us peace, joy sadness, and all kind of emotions. We live in a world where music is a part of our lives. Music exists everywhere in every event that happens in society; students learn music in school; everybody listens to music at home, during work, on the train, literally everywhere. Music just technically lives among us all. This is just how much we need and love music, it is something we can’t live without.

Many sources provide us the sound of music like phones, mp3 players, TVs, radios, and especially speakers. These devices allow us to enjoy the sound of music even better if the volume is high. Have you ever wonder why people love to go to the cinema to watch movies or go clubbing or enjoy having a party? The reason is that that’s where loud sound and music are provided and people love that. The movies, the party are even more enjoyable with loud music. Well, here is the list of the reasons why people love loud music:


Believe me or not, music does sound better when you turn it on in high volume than low volume. When it is loud, you can hear everything about music, the details, the lyrics, the sound of each instrumental that comes together and form a good song for the listeners and the audiences. There are many different songs in this world where the artist puts a lot of effort to make a perfect song. People turn the volume up to appreciate the details of the song which makes it even more superior.

For instance, just like how watching movies in the cinema where high quality and volume of sound is provided makes the movie better than watching them at home, listening to loud music gives off the same vibe. It sounds better when you use your headphones if you want to be more concentrated alone. However, with your personal speakers, you can be more chill, relaxing and get to share the great moments together with your peers and favourite people to listen to the taste of your music.


You know how sometimes you just want to be alone with just yourself and music. That’s how loud music covers all the other noises and just be with you. Put the records on, play your favorite song, that’s how music lovers have peace. It allows us to have some alone time after a rough day from work or school, a peaceful hour.

With loud music, everything else goes silent, there’s nothing to bother you, it calms you down by making you more focused on only the song, the music, and yourself. Sometimes, when you are alone, all you need is to just put your headphones on and let the music take over you. 


It is scientifically proved that loud music does bring you joy. When our ears are accessed to loud music, it sends a signal to the brain and after the brain receives the signal, it releases endorphins which are chemicals that we produce to relieve stress or pain. To be specific, it happens when we listen to a sound that is over 90 decibels. Our sacculus, which is found in the inner ear was once thought to be doing nothing, is a part of the human system that likes music, according to the research of Dr. Neil Todd. That is how people tend to love it when the music is loud. 

It appears that even without scientific proof, we all know how loud music tends to help us escape from stress. We can observe the behavior that people usually love to go to clubs where the music is really loud. People enjoy clubbing where they can dance and listen to really loud music. Especially, when they are sad or overwhelmed with stress. As you know how heartbroken people love loud music because that is where they can forget all the bad things that happened and have fun with the help of music. 


Typically, if you just listen to music normally, sure you can enjoy the music as it is. However, when the music is louder, don’t you feel that it lifts up your moods in a better way. It should be noted that the louder the music is the more your heartbeat to the rhythm of the songs. The beat that you can feel from your chest when you go to a concert or nightclub.  

That loud music obviously knows how to heat you all up to dive deeper into the music world. Music hype you to do anything. For example like when you decide to jog around your neighborhood with your earphones on or maybe work out at home with your speaker on, in particular, way you are more excited to run or work out only when your music is on; imagine doing those things without music, how lame could it be. Of course, you would be able to run longer or work out longer for your health with the hype of music to encourage you that your routine could be more entertained. Actually, loud music makes your heart beat faster and increases the body temperature that makes you happier. It urges you to be in the mood to do anything you like, your hobbies, your studies, your routine, or your work. That’s why people tend to want their music as loud as possible.


None of us have no sadness or suffering, there are times that you just want to run away from reality for a while but you can’t just do that. Nonetheless, music helps you escape from the harsh reality within a certain time. With the music on, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Even though it is just for a short period of time, sometimes that little moment is all you need to seize the day.

The louder the music is, the more likely it is to take your mind off something else. You no longer overthinking about other things. Let say you are coming home from a really tiring and stressful day, wouldn’t it be better if you can turn the music on and not care about that stuff? Indeed, we all need that quality time to run away from time to time. Get home, whether you are alone or with friends or with family, turn the volume of your speaker up, escape from the world!


When the music is loud, the rest of the world goes silent. You can shut the world out with the melody of the song you like. In a case like you are in a car that is stuck in a traffic jam and all you hear is the sound of loud machines and the sound of horns or engines roaring the surroundings. All you need is the right tune to block all those annoying sounds. The same goes for when you are on the train where many people that you don’t even know gather, you’d definitely love the music to cover all the other noises. Now, it remains just you and the music, you’ll surely have a great time. It’s great just to think about it.

If you have realized when you turn down the volume to talk to somebody while listening to really loud music, that’s how loud music blocks out the world. Your brain is taken over by music to the point that none of the other senses can interrupt. It benefits you that you can ignore the surroundings and be in your own little world of music. 


As music tends to pick you up when you are feeling down, it helps you to overcome your depression. Science says that music does help just like exercise does. When you are going through a tough time, some song lyrics are relatable to your situation. Therefore, you may feel like there is someone out there who is just like you and you are definitely not alone. Music is like a friend who helps you to overcome your hardship. It makes you feel better when you are down. Music improves focus and concentration. It lifts up your mood and boosts your confidence. It gives you more courage to be happier. Music is also being used as a therapy to heal patients with mental illness. 

Research has found that music stimulates your brain to release dopamine which is a chemical that makes your emotions happy. It is clearly an essential role in our lives. It boosts your moods up especially when you are having a hard time in your life.


When dopamine runs through your body, you can be frisson which means your getting chills from listening to music. It happens when your brain creates emotion during some part of the song or the melody that you might have some relations with. According to Valorie Salimpoor, a neuroscientist at McGill University, research has shown that the human system reacts to music by releasing dopamines all over the body, especially the song that you love. It makes you more emotional when you know the song or the song can be related to you.

As a result, music can make you both sad and happy. It depends on how you listen to them or how you elaborate with music. When you listen to some tunes or song, it makes you connect to the song. You can totally feel the song in your mind and it probably reminds you of some happy or painful memories according to the lyrics of the song. When the song reaches its peak, that is when your body releases more dopamine that lets you have emotion from the song.


Studies have proved that music helps people to overcome anger issues, fear, or loneliness that you want to get rid of. The comfort of music helps people who need hope to cope with their sufferings. It calms the hard feelings down with a meaningful tune and peaceful melody. Music leads to mind-comfort that could improve the well-being of the listener. It provides a positive effect on mental health patients in terms of relaxation, emotions and happiness. It does make people feel more relaxed. 

Likewise, when you go to the beach or go on a drive with your portable speaker on, with your friends or family on the trip.  Music, of course can’t be missed. The relaxation from the loud music to sing along on a long road trip or on the night windy beach. Well, who wouldn’t like that kind of comfort from music. This is why everyone prefers their music as loud as possible. Just so you know, Bose Speakers will definitely give you the best experience of loud music that suit your preference.