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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Bottleless Water Cooler Dispensers

With “Water Dispenser”, what will be the first image that appears in your mind? Most people might think of an upside-down bulky water jug, especially those who work at the office. A healthy lifestyle requires fresh and clean water, 60% of the human body is water. We need to reserve water regularly when our body loses some of the water to do daily activities. Nowadays we are living in a modern technology generation. Since the technology has been upgraded day by day, the water cooler is also upgraded to a cooler version in which we call “Bottleless Water Dispenser”. 

A bottleless water cooler dispenser is a machine that dispenses water without a bottle. It works similar to a traditional water cooler that tends to produce cold or hot clean filtered water. However, the traditional coolers exist a bulky 3- or 10-gallon bottle on the countertop. Yet, water dispenser with bottleless feature using a jug that gets refilled as a pitcher, and directly plumbs into existing water lines that provides an endless flow of fresh filtered H2O. Furthermore, along with the same functionality as the regular water cooler, the bottleless water cooler dispenser also provides many unexpected advantages and especially add a good addition to your kitchen. Hence, our team will present to you in the below description. Let’s check them out!

How does a bottleless water cooler work?

The bottleless water coolers function similar to a traditional bottled water cooler is to draw water to drink. Yet, the bottleless water coolers will install near an existing sink or water line. The technician will adjust the water dispensers for the suitable levels of filtration for the water in one area. After done with bottleless water dispenser installation, there will be a fresh and portable water dispenser from one local water source. As a result, you can enjoy more tasteful and hygienic water.

The bottleless water dispensers include 8 benefits as the following: 

1. Completely Safety and Convenience

The bottleless water cooler dispensers link directly to the building water line to provide an endless supply of freshwater. Also, filtered immediately at the time of use. As a result, you do not require to lift heavy plastic water bottles anymore like the traditional water dispensers used to. This means that you will stay away from the risk of injuring from the heavy lifting. 

What’s more, there is automatically scheduled included for annual filter changes to prevent maintenance frequent visits. Since all of the brands of the bottleless water dispenser are chasing for hygiene-first approach, each drop of the water is virtually free from bacteria and viruses by purification technology, the bottleless water dispensers make your life easier and safe.

2. Promoting Cost Saving

Saving your money will just turn to use a bottleless water cooler. Actually, an office water dispenser costs less than constantly purchasing cases of bottled water. However, the bottleless water cooler can save you money more than that. In that point of view, water jugs and delivery service fees add up quickly with expensive amounts. Furthermore, you have to occasionally replace a water jug with a bottled water dispenser. 

In contrast, going with bottleless coolers reduces the costs of a water dispenser even more. With just one payment for the unit and installation, there will be freshwater simply flowing from the waterline along with zero service fee and zero-supply costs at the office. What’s more, recent bottleless water dispensers are constructed to have standards of energy efficiency as set by the EPA. So, those models have earned the Energy Star label which can lower utility bills. Besides, in a bottleless water cooler, you might need to change filtration media periodically for maintenance use, yet it still presents a regular ongoing cost.

3. Maximizing Space Efficiency

A bottleless water cooler dispenser saves space by getting rid of the need for bulky jugs or stores of tang. If you are facing space shortages issues in your workplaces, an office bottleless water dispenser comes as an incredible space-saving solution. In that point of view, because of the bottleless water dispenser no needs for space for stocking bulky replacement heavy jugs. Likewise, you do not have to worry about a place to keep used water bottles for recycling. The only block placing a bottleless water cooler is a space to set the whole unit.

What’s more, the presence of a countertop in the bottleless water dispenser, provides more space-saving if square footage is in your office. Moreover, the countertop models are essential for space at a premium. The bottleless water cooler dispenser can be inserted in a kitchen or waiting room unobtrusively. In a summary, you do not have to consider space reordering and storing bottles or get injured from lifting heavy water bottles.

4. Adding Value To Eco-friendliness

According to The Guardian, in 2016 there were more than 480 billion plastic water bottles bought. Whereas a few parts of them were collected to recycle. Also, fewer of them were completely turned into new bottles. This number may grow unstoppable as well as make a great threat to both ocean and coastlines. Furthermore, it might pollute other parts of the earth in the next few years. Consequently, we can see that plastic garbage stands as a serious threat to the environment. With a bottleless cooler, you don’t have to concern yourself with the environmental impacts of producing plastic bottles or disposing of them.

However, you can participate in protecting our environment by just using a bottleless water dispenser. With that said, the bottleless water dispenser has a perfect sustainable preference for disposable bulky jugs and water bottles. Going with a bottleless water cooler can decrease the amount of plastic that finishes up in landfills. Likewise, it can cut down on fossil fuels used when recycling bottles or replace jugs.  Besides, bottleless coolers bring pure water to the building from the existing water delivery infrastructure. So, it makes bottleless water coolers more environmentally friendly than a traditional water delivery model.

5. Saving Your Valuable Time

Water cooler troubleshooting comes as an extra focus for every busy professionals’ hectic day. In that point of view, because traditional water dispensers need an employee to replace the jug frequency and spend time ordering or purchase new water bottles. Hence, a member of the employee has to plan delivery, collect and change bottles, process invoices and estimate how much water to cost each month. Thus, a bottleless water cooler expands in the recent market to help save time for those who have a busy schedule. This means they do not have to spend their valuable time to either refill a water jug or buy audition supplies.

For the bottleless dispensers just have to change the filter periodically at least once per 6-months for maintenance whereas the bottled water cooler has to replace the jug so often. So, why don’t spend the jug replacement time back to work? If you do so, your business team will accomplish more wonderful results at work.

6. Perceived Useful Features

Since bottleless water coolers have their own unique diversity colours and finishes, you can seek the one that matches your workplace decor perfectly. Of course, the different models tend to have different water temperatures. Some have 2 temperature levels while some offer 3 temperature levels. 

As a result, besides providing a glass of pure water, it also can brew either coffee or tea as well as make instant noodles. The bottleless water dispensers are a must-have item for your break room. With modern design and extra features, the bottleless water dispensers are super convenient for thirsty humans and impress visitors and employees.

7. Ease of Maintenance

Since plenty of bottleless water cooler companies have a responsibility to maintain coolers themselves, no more concern on controlling the extra paperwork. Therefore, there will be additional time to accomplish more tasks in your business. Besides, manufacturers construct items pieces to last, just contact service calls for repairs.

In order to ensure the drinking water is always clean and good taste, technicians of Quench use cell phone tablets launching their service app to track information and service history of its water cooler. As a result, their ERP system will automatically remind the technician when your bottle-free water dispenser is required maintenance. Therefore, users are no more tired of remembering to call regular maintenance service.

8. Generating Greater Taste

If you focus much on the taste of drinking water, you should consider buying a bottleless water dispenser. From that point of view, water flows through double stage filters after plumbed in that water cooler. It depends on a primary filtration process which includes reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, sediment carbon. Consequently, the bottleless water coolers provide cleaner and purer compared to simple bottled water. As the traditional bottled water normally tastes stale.

Instead of removing contaminants that are harmful to your health, the filtered water dispensers also infuse appropriate amounts of healthy alkaline water for more great-taste. Likewise, there are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium with LED ultraviolet light and antimicrobial surface protection to protect water quality. The existence of advanced filtration and purification technologies for removing sediment as well as getting rid of chemical contaminants will reduce off-tastes and odors.

How to clean a bottleless water cooler dispenser?

To prevent the growth of bacteria from tainting the water, you have to clean bottleless water dispensers once a month. First of all, you have to gather all needed supplies such as rubber gloves, paper towels, a container, unscented household bleach and a small cork. Start with adding one tbsp of the unscented household bleach to a gallon of water in the container. Next, unplug the unit from the electrical outlet and begin the cleaning process. Begin with wiping down the cooler’s exterior with hot water and soap. Then, dry the machine with paper towels.

After that, the step in the second cleaning process is the cooler’s interior. Firstly, use a dry paper towel to wipe out the film and pour the sanitizing solution into it. Let it sit inside for 15 mn. Then, use the faucets to drain the reservoir. Remember to repeat this process 2-3 times to make sure a thorough sanitizing. Now move on to remove some of the bottleless water cooler external pieces to sanitize them. Start with taking out the water guard from the top and baffle from inside. As well as remove the front faucets. Next, wash those pieces in the sink with warm water and soap, and rinse them after sanitizing. Lastly, reattach them to the bottleless water dispenser once they clean.


After going through the above bottleless water dispenser positive result provided a description, you will realise how useful the bottleless water cooler impacts on your daily activity. The bottleless water dispensers save both working time and space, reduce expense cost as well as green the earth. Moreover, when you place a bottleless water cooler at your office, it will provide a modern look and reduce a lot of headache for company staff. With that said, they do not have to care about replacing a bulky heavy jug in bottles water dispensers anymore or order more supplies.

Equally important, bottleless water cooler installation is super convenient. We just directly connect to the building water line. Hence, you will enjoy a refreshing glass of pure water immediately. All of the benefits contained in the bottleless water dispenser is sufficient for you to consider bringing one to your office or home. Wow, yourself by trying the bottleless water dispensers, we are sure you will be impressed because of it. Now, all you have to do is look for the proper one for your needs.


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