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6 Reasons You Should Switch To Use Bottleless Water Cooler Dispensers

In this modern-day people enjoy the easy way to grab a glass of water without any burden with the new technology from the fridge to the water dispenser. Moreover, the first water dispenser was created by putting a gallon of water bottle on top which is quite burdensome. That’s why we would love you to switch to the latest updated water dispenser which is the Bottleless Water Cooler or dispenser. Before jumping right into the benefits of the bottleless water cooler, we would like to explain some perspectives of the machine first.

Firstly, what is a bottleless water cooler?

  •  Bottleless water cooler is a machine that dispenses water without a bottle. This plumb-in system offers a number of advantages over a traditional water cooler.

How do bottleless water coolers work?

  • This is the machine that will get hooked to a cold water line just like one of your gadgets like a shower heater. Moreover, you need to have an expert or appropriately licensed plumber install the unit. Next up is the installation, the machine has to set up near an existing sink or another plumbing source, however, if you need custom installation then you can ask your plumber for further information.
  • During the installation, your plumber will automatically adjust your bottleless water cooler for a suitable level of filtration for the water in your area, if you choose a filtering unit. Then after your water cooler is all set, it will be able to dispense fresh, cleanse water from your local water source. Besides, you will able to enjoy your water and stay hydrated without any concern as well. Also, it is quite a gadget that is sustainable for a home office, school, condominium, and many other accommodations that will keep everyone hydrated and safe at the same time. Other than that, the machine is capable of many things that the traditional cooler can do from self-cleaning, eco-friendly, more convenient, consuming less space, and many other things as well.

Reasons why you should from “Bottled water coolers” to “Bottleless water coolers”

1. Providing More Conveniences  

1. Convenience

The bottled water cooler comes with the tradition that you have to carry around with the bottle. Also, you have to change them which is wasting time and troublesome as well. According to the record user of a normal water cooler, they spend a minimum of 45$ per month for the bottle and delivery which is quite pricey. Another thing is that you would have to clean up when you fill-up the water in your cup and then it spills which annoys your day.

While on the other side, the bottleless water cooler will provide you with the best trouble-free with the “no bottle option” that you can just get a sustainable water supply with just a single slight underneath the faucet. Also, it consists of an automatic function that fills you with water without spilling which you can stay hydrated with carefree. Moreover, you can save up time and cash because you don’t have to spend on the bottle also with the delivery as well. 

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2. Consuming Less Space

2 saving space

With the normal water cooler, you will have to purchase a ton of bottle pile your space which is quite a sight. Other than that, you will have to find a space that you keep your bottle in places so that you can easily found them. Furthermore, if you have a small space in your accommodation that you have quite a difficulty putting them in organized. Therefore, they will take up so much space which you will found it bothersome with the bottle laying around.

Otherwise, with the bottle-less water cooler, you don’t need to care about the bottle scattering around. More than that, it will give you the best comfort by saving up your space which you can just keep around whether you have a small or large accommodation. More than that, you will have more space for your other furniture or stuff. Besides, the bottleless water cooler is easy to set up with the sustainable water supply function as well. For this reason, make it’s the best gadget for your office or cafe even school, and many more big events that you don’t have to worry about running out of bottles or replace 5l gallon container of water as well.

3. Keeping you safe and hygiene

3. hygiene

If you are using a bottle water cooler then you probably know it using a tap to get your water out of the dispenser with the faucet. Therefore, it is really to spread germ with the tap if you are using it at the office, school, library and many other places which quite hazard. On the other hand, you will have a hard time trying to keep it clean as well. Besides, during these day situations with the pandemic, we should have high protection with interacting with each other. That’s why we would love to introduce you to bottleless water cooler.

You would love to know how bottleless water coolers work without touching the tap. This new technology of touchless cooler is functioning by just put your glass or tumbler under the faucet then your water will drain through the faucet to your glass without using your finger to touch it. As you can see, with this method you can prevent any contact with others which is really for every situation especially in this pandemic circumstance as well. Furthermore, it will help to reduce any germ spreading that helps you to stay hygiene while being hydrated.

4. Trouble-free with Self-Cleaning

4 self cleaning

You might know how hard it is to keep track of cleaning your filter with the traditional water cooler which is quite forgetful sometimes. Moreover, you will have to buy a new filter if you forgot to clean it according to the manual. What’s more, is that you will need to exchange the bottle whenever it runs out and the bottle is replenished or you know reuse which might contain some substance that keeps the bottle clean. Therefore, it might cause you to harm the contaminant or raw material contained in those recycled bottles.

However, the bottleless water cooler comes with the best filtration function that will help to get rid of micro-organism, raw material in the water with ease. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about the filter because it contains a self-cleaning function which is quite convenient if you are busy or don’t have time to check on them. Furthermore, your water supply will never run out since it connects to the main source of your water that will keep your water on the stand all the times. 

5. Exploring The New Technology Feature

5 new feature

Have you ever wanted very warm water but your water cooler keeps give you very hot water? Because the traditional water cooler has only a manual function with very cold water and hot water which is quite a short choice. More than that, you aren’t able to apply the temperature you need with the beverage you want. Other than that, if one of the options is malfunctions then you can only access one function. Also, it took  2-3 days to fix it which might waste your time as well. 

In contrast to the classic water cooler, the bottleless water cooler will able to satisfied with their variety of feature that you will enjoy using them with ease. Furthermore, it consists of more than just hot and cold water, it also gives you a custom temperature that you need according to your need. Another thing is that it comes with a great styling and modern look that will blend in with your décor well. Even though, it possesses many features however it is sustainable with the special build-in which you don’t have to worry about its malfunction.

6. Supporting The Eco-friendly Environment 

6 eco friendly

You know that every year there are at least 270,000 tons of plastic waste that cause plastic pollution which affects so many lives on the ground and in the water as well. This brought us to one of the points that also cause this problem which is the plastic bottle. As you can see, the traditional water cooler consumes so many bottles as a refill that depends on each household’s need. Besides, if the bottle has been used too many times or can’t recycle then they will need to demolish it which means burn that causes the pollution. 

While on the other hand, our bottle-less water cooler will help you reduce any waste while keeping you hydrated. In other words, it is safe for the environment and also for you. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the environmental impacts of producing or deposing them. Furthermore, it will cut down so much plastic junk and delivery truck emissions as well.

Here is the difference between the bottle water cooler and bottle-less water cooler in a short way to see it :

Last thought before switching to the bottleless water cooler :

As you can there are so many benefits you can obtain from the bottleless water. Firstly the ease of the new function with no bottle needed which helps you to save so much not only money but time as well. Not to mention, it also helps you to keep your environment clean by not using a plastic bottle that leads to plastic pollution. Secondly, it supports the new hygiene circumstance that this situation needed by that I mean the pandemic that we are trying to take over. Besides,  with the variety of functions, it has  given great customer service that will provide you with any kind of temperature manual that you needed within seconds.

Last but not least, you don’t have to worry over the filter that you need to clean monthly with self-cleaning which is quite time-saving and safe. Also, it contains the best filtration that can purify your water from the micro-organism or heavy substance that is a threat to your life. Moreover, it will keep you hydrated without any bottle replacement needed because of its continual water supply direct from your main water source as well. Other than that, it is ideal for any place with its sleek design and small feature that you can just keep around without any burden. Furthermore, the bottle-less is suitable for use at the office, school, self-service café, or restaurant with the touchless function that helps people from spreading the germ to one another.



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