You might have heard that people like to swim for relaxation. However, you might be unaware that swimming has many mental and physical health benefits. That’s why many schools provide swimming lessons to young children to improve their fitness. Consequently, some parents encourage their children to participate in the swimming competition.

Swimming is the second most common sport in the United States, and many people enjoy it. Every year about 360 million people come to visit the swimming recreation place. Furthermore, swimming competition among teenagers and adults has increased, making it an Olympic sport. To get rid of your curiosity about swimming, you should read this blog below and find out everything you need to know about the health benefit that it offers for your interest.

1. Work out your whole body

After swimming, you will feel that your entire body from head to toe is changing. This change is not a negative, but it will help your physical health. There are many positive outcomes, such as an increase in your heart rate, tone muscle, and build strength. 

Research reported that after eight weeks of exercise, men’s triceps muscles had increased by more than 20%. Even though certain people who begin swimming do not develop muscle mass, their strength and tone will improve. Furthermore, athletes who are injured while playing a sport can maintain their fitness level and condition by swimming. 

The body’s flexibility will improve by swimming. You always stretch the entire body to relieve muscle pain before and during swimming. These will loosen the ligament to prevent the incident. For the backstroke movement, your hand muscle will become stronger. Moreover, every stroke you move while swimming builds different muscles associated with the position, such as breaststroke, sidestroke, or butterfly. 

2. Work your inside

As swimming can boost your heart rate, then your heart and lung will be healthy. Therefore, you will live longer and reduce the risk of death due to a heart attack. A survey of men and women who swam for 12 weeks found that their stroke volume improved by almost 20%, and their maximum oxygen intake increased by ten percent.

Another study informed that inactive people have a high risk of death compared to swimmers. The reason is that swimming can reduce your blood pressure as well as control your blood sugar rate. That’s why swimming can male you live longer due to healthy physical health. 

3. Burn calories

Many people like swimming because it allows them to work off the calories they consume daily. The more active your swimming is daily, the more calories you burn, up to 650 per hour. To burn more calories, though, you should stroke faster and move your whole body. 

As the water is low pressure, you need to use a lot of strength to move your position. Therefore, swimming is similar to a sweat-inducing workout. For instance, you can burn more than 400 calories for a lap in the swimming pool for a person who weighs 160 pounds. That’s why you should go swimming as it can reduce your calories than doing other activities such as jogging or running. 

4. Improve your mental health

After swimming many laps, you will become exhausted. Thus, you can sleep better at night due to physical activities. According to a study, more than 50% of elders who have insomnia get to sleep better due to swimming. Besides, it is better than other exercises such as aerobic activities, running, or bicycling. 

Furthermore, getting enough sleep will improve the mood. You will concentrate on this activity while swimming which makes you feel calm and ease anxiety. As a result, it will alleviate the workload-related distress. The next day, you will be able to study and work with much vigor. A survey of one hundred swimmers found that approximately half of those who experience pressure from their fast-paced lifestyle reduces to just one-fourth of those in the early report. 

5. Suitable for people with injures, arthritis, or other conditions

People who are injured or disabled can consider swimming to cure their issue. Plus, swimming can lessen the pain as well as recover the injured parts. Research on osteoarthritis patients reported that engaging in swimming activities can ease the patient’s joint stiffness notably. 

Swimming can be helpful for people who have multiple sclerosis (MS). The limbs become buoyant in the water, which aids in their comfort during exercise. Water also acts as a soft barrier. According to a study, people with MS who participated in a 20-week swimming program had a dramatic pain reduction. These individuals also demonstrated changes in conditions such as fatigue, exhaustion, and disability. 

6. Suitable for asthma patients

By doing breathing exercises in the water, it will help asthma patients to breathe better. Moreover, it can improve your lung capacity from staying in the water for a long time while holding your breath. However, asthma patients should remember to look for a pool that uses salt rather than chlorine substance. The reason is chlorine chemicals can increase the chance of asthma. Also, you need to consult the doctor to prevent the accident. 

7. Suitable for pregnant women

You might be perplexed as to why it is safe for pregnant women. According to an animal study, swimming during pregnancy can protect offspring from neurological illness, namely hypoxia-ischemia. This claim, however, requires further research. Swimming is an exercise that women can do during the trimester. 

Another research reported that swimming in a pool containing chronic substances has no negative impacts on pregnant women. Pregnant women might have a low chance of experiencing preterm labor and congenital abnormalities if they swim at half of their pregnancy duration. However, pregnant women might have different conditions relating to their health status. That’s why they should consult with the doctor for precaution before taking any activity for safety.

8. Suitable for all ages

One thing that makes swimming is distinct from most sports in that it is inclusive to everyone. From children to adults and even elders, they can enjoy swimming as a fun activity. For children, they can swim to strengthen the body from a young age. As a result of their activeness, they will be healthier and grow taller. Nevertheless, we should remember to monitor and look after them to avoid drowning.

For adults and the elderly, swimming can improve their strength because of different strokes. In addition, it can improve mental and physical health due to this relaxation activity. Furthermore, swimming can enhance our relationship by strengthening our bond. Apart from this, it is affordable for everyone to join this activity than others.

What equipment do you need?

To prepare for swimming, you might need some essential equipment to bring with you, especially newcomers. Firstly, you need to have a swimsuit. You don’t need to wear like a professional swimmer; however, you should look for a water-resistant suit. The most important is to wear the one that gives you comfort and safety for your body. 

The next thing is to have goggles for better sight while swimming. The purpose for this is because if you do not wear goggles, water or other particles will enter your eyes, making it difficult to open your eyes. For people who wear glasses, you can order a goggle that is appropriate for your optical. 

Next is a bathing cap; certain pools require pools to use this cap to avoid hair floating in the water. Besides, using a bathing cap protects the hair from the chlorine substance. People who do not know how to swim will need a floatation device to keep you afloat while practicing your strokes.

Finally, you would like a hand paddle to help you move around in the water. Wearing the hand paddle for the first time, though, can be challenging because it puts so much strain on the arm and shoulder joints. As a result, you can first warm-up in the water without using this hand paddle. You would even require a fin to increase your kick speed if you want to swim quicker.

Why are hand paddles important for beginners?

For beginner or professional swimmers, wearing a hand paddle is important when swimming or training. The usage of wearing a hand paddle can increase your speed and improve your endurance. Likewise, you will get more power to develop your pull action, focus on your upper body such as the chest, back, arm while enhancing your stroke. Moreover, the hand paddle includes a plastic plate for the swimmer’s palm and electric cords to connect the swimmer’s hand and the plate. 

With this hand paddle, the water will not run between your fingers, but it can build core strength on your arm muscles. If you can sense pressure when you move forward, your hand position is correct because you are pushing as much water as possible under your body. As a result, the length of your stroke will widen, making the time more valuable because you won’t have to swim for a long time. 

How to get started?

You might wonder how to prepare yourself before starting swimming. To assure you, we will provide you some information on how to prepare to swim more safely. To start with, you should locate a pool near your house or community. Still, this task might not be difficult as nowadays many recreation centers such as gyms, water aerobic that offer a swimming pool. Thus, you can choose any of the places that suit your budget and convenience. 

Swimming might be an intense activity for some people due to numerous workout positions. For this reason, you might need to prepare your muscles before starting swimming. Workout activities such as squatting or pull up might be a more suitable choice for the newcomer who never exercises. You can try another workout such as push up or deadlifts that need more arm strength. For trouble, you can seek a personal trainer that teaches in the gym or your buddy.

After training your muscles, you should enroll in a swimming lesson. This lesson will teach you about the swimming technique, such as breathing, various stroke positions, and precautions that you need to know. The last step is to observe the surrounding of the pool. You’ll notice the signboard that displays the medium, middle, and high with height limits near each pool. You should ask the lifeguards for further prevention. What’s more, you must take caution when entering and leaving to avoid colliding with others or interfering with other visitors. 

Swimming Safety

To swim might be a challenge when you are a newcomer. That’s why we will provide you some tips to prevent the risk when swimming. The most important is to find a place that is safeguarded and not prohibited. You can swim at the public pool or lake near you. However, I don’t encourage you to swim by yourself. It would be best if you bring a companion or a group of friends. If you are a newcomer who has no experience, you should enroll in a lesson or short course about swimming. With this course, you can prevent yourself from drowning.

Another essential you need to remember is to apply sunscreen on your body if you swim outdoors. On account of the sunlight, you should protect your skin while exposing to the ultra-violent. On the contrary, you can get skin cancer if you forget to apply sunscreen. What’s more, you should avoid swimming in the middle of the day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to prevent sunburn.

On top of that, drinking water is essential as you might get dehydrated from swimming. You don’t have to drink much, just a little to keep you from thirsty. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t drink alcohol or beverages that contain caffeine. What’s more, if you bring a kid with you, you should look after them to avoid drowning, especially near the water area.

The Risk of Swimming

Due to the intense exercise, while swimming, some severe patients might experience dangerous conditions. That’s why they need to consult with their doctor before taking a risk on swimming. Moreover, it would be better if they get a lesson from a professional trainer or doctor. What’s more, swimming can be hazardous for sensitive skin due to the chemical substance in the pool. 

Key Takeaway

Swimming is a hobby that you can pursue for the rest of your life. Swimming is an activity that someone of any age can appreciate, from a child to an elderly person over one hundred years old. Plus, pregnant women can take up swimming lessons for their offspring.

Swimming can enhance your stamina and strength more than other activities. Thus, you can take only a swimming hobby, and you will gain many benefits for your lifestyle. What’s more, you don’t need to spend much time. You only need around one hour a day to do this activity. However, always remember to consult with the doctor for precautions for your conditions.

Besides, the relaxation from swimming can improve your physical and mental health while reducing the pain and illness that you are having. Furthermore, you can connect with other people through swimming to enhance your relationship, especially family. With all the information above, you can consider choosing swimming as a hobby from now on. 


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