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The Ultimate Guides To Hammock Camping For Camping Lovers

The mainstream idea of camping is to have a tent as a shelter, but that is not it. There are ways that can be used as a replacement to tent, hammock for instance. Hammock can be an alternative that we should consider to use for camping which would give us more comfort in sleeping. So, this article will give you more insight about the usefulness of hammock during camping specifically.

What is a Hammock Camping?

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Hammock Camping is basically a hammock that is set with a tent as an over-roof for sheltering during camping. And Hammock Camping is more easily carried since it is a lot lighter and saves more space than a tent which is why campers should consider having one of these and try a new sleeping shelter for their camp. Some campers would prefer the tent due to its bigger size but to some they would go with hammock camping because they would not want to hurt their back and ruin their good-nights camping with all the sloppy and rocky ground. Hammock camping does not need much space to build on, just a few trees would be all good.

 If you really decide to try out the hammock camping, there are a few things and tools you need to tag along.

  •       A hammock camping, of course, if you do not have one yet. Or if you wish to customize your hammock camping is also good, just DIY to-go.
  •       A suspension system with straps as it needs to hang all the edges of hammock with trees, tighten up just for precaution
  •       Sleeping pad for more comfy
  •       A rain tarp, (check the weather forecast as well)
  •       Bug netting because you will be in a forest, so bugs, and insects.

Why are these things a necessity?

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Hammock: having the right hammock for your camping is the very most important thing to never forget to list it down. Hammock can be bought at any camping accessories. If you do not own any yet, choosing the right hammock might be a bit difficult for you, but if you are here reading this article, it will help to level down your stress. Buying a hammock, comfy is the first priority. So, in order to know which hammock is more comfortable for you, first you may take a look at the size whether you prefer a single hammock or double hammock, because different sizes of hammock can also provide different comfort to your preferred sleeping positions. Single hammock has a width in the 4-5 foot range and weight is limited from 300 to 500 pounds only which is best suitable for backpackers who are looking for lighter hammocks and to save more space. Though, the double hammock has a width of 5-6 foot range and differs the weight a little slightly heavier of 400 to 500 pounds, double hammock is more suitable for those who want more sleeping spaces, comfier and those who want to share with their friends. Moreover, for certainty that you choose the right hammock, you should try to check on different brands for comparison.

Suspension system: a wide strap is all better for safety and trees’ sakes. Having the right and strong straps, you do not have to worry about falling. You should look for the one that provides the set up with no such a big choice, no knots required which is easier and more protective. There are many types of straps, but when you do purchase the strap, make sure that you take the one that is at least 0.74 inches wide because it has more sufficient strength in tolerating the weight and it will not damage the trees.  

Sleeping pad: it depends on your preference whether you want a sleeping pad or not, but as a suggestion even if you are sleeping in a tent or hammock, having a sleeping pad is a lot more convenient because who would want to ruin their relaxation with a bad camping sleep. Even putting a sleeping pad onto your hammock might not be neat, but still you will sleep more comfortably on it.

Rain tarp:  in order to secure the tarp, you may need the rain tarp or rainfly. Rain tarp or rainfly is a thing that hangs above the hammock and connects the edges to trees which cover above the hammocks from sun’s light and/or rain.

Bug net: another crucial accessory that we need for camping, the bug net that protects us from bugs, insects, especially for night time that can secure our sleep with no invasion from all of those mosquitoes and insects.

Hammock chair: you may need a hammock chair when you feel like sitting down reading your books and relaxing. This hammock chair is more enjoyable than a normal chair because you can do swinging, bending backward and relaxing your muscles all at once, plus it is portable. 

These mentioned above accessories are the needed ones for all the campers to list down on their camping list. Because more preparation will make your camping more enjoyable.

However, in some conditions, some camping sites do not have many reliable trees or are restricted for campers to do ground camping only, which it poses as a challenge to our camping plan. However, there is equipment that can substitute the trees, the hammock stand. There are various designs of hammock stands, but in general hammock stand is a two-anchor point in a single unit where we put the hammock in between. As said, you only need a hammock stand when the place is hard to reach the trees. And whether we hang hammock between trees or between the stands, nothing could affect the camping joys. 

Once,you have everything prepared, here is How You Are Going to Set It Up Correctly.

Firstly, choose an appropriate location to set up your hammock, meaning that you need to check if the place or spot is allowed to hammock camping, and surely setting up your hammock camping needs to be at least 200 feet or more from water.

Secondly, pick the right trees and make sure that those trees are healthy for your hammock to rely on since you have to hand it all on trees.

Thirdly, at this point it is more about geometry skill. You need to hang your hammocks above the ground but you would not want it to be so high above the ground, because that will give you difficulties in getting in and out of your hammock.  

And here is the Tips for Sleeping Comfortably in a Hammock

  1.   Lie slightly off kilter: you need to back sure that when you lie your back in it needs to be in the center of the hammock or else you will feel like your hammock is swallowing you because you flattened the fabric.
  2.   Find the right pillow: get yourself the perfect pillow you prefer, get the one in a medium size that fits well in the hammock and also the one that please your nape.
  3.   Stash your essentials: you can put any necessaries that you may need at night inside your hammocks, so that you will not have to get out and in when you need those things.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hammock Camping

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Everything always has their pros and cons, but it just depends on how we deliver the concept and modify the ideas, so does the hammock camping.


  • As mentioned above that hammock is most liked and preferred with its single hammock design than the double hammock, and if we come to think of it, double hammock does not really mean for two people at all.
  • Some people probably like to take their dog with them to camping as a campership, and yeahh pet lovers would not want to let their dog sitting down there alone, which they need to stay closer. So, hammock camping might not be the perfect choice for them.
  • No privacy when you are hammock camping especially in a busy campground which is hard when you want to change clothes inside your hammock.  
  • Even if you prefer hammock camping and having that rain tarp thing, it is still hard and dangerous during a heavy rain, you may stay under your hammock but the ground might be wet.
  • Hammock camping might sound fun not until when you go into an alpine zone because hammock camping needs big trees as their reliance.


If you are an adventurer, you should try different things, take risks, challenge the difficulties, even though hammock camping might have some flaws and challenges but still there are a bunch of points that we should better consider and neglect the disadvantages because once we decided to go for camping, it already includes the tiredness and challenges. At least, hammock camping will give you more joys and guarantee the best experiences that camping in a tent does not have.

  • Hammock camping is already above the ground where you can sleep more comfortably and rest more peacefully.
  • Hammock camping has all the accessories provided for protection that you would not have to worry about falling down, as long as you follow the instructions clearly.
  • Hammocks are more lightweight, easy to set up, and portable, even with all the accessories set up, it is still lighter than a tent and less complicated.
  •   Also, a hammock is cheaper than a tent, the accessories are also cheaper.
  • When they talk about camping locations, it is easier to find a place that has trees than a perfect spot for a tent, and hammock camping takes less time to set up than a tent.
  • The best hour of camping is at night when you are able to count the stars and enjoy those blinking, but could you be sleeping-counting the stars in the tent? NO, so hammock is much more fun, sleeping in an open air and able to look at the stars all at once.
  • All the tools and equipment that we need to tag along such as hammocks, hammock chairs, and the stand are portable which gives us less burden.

To sum up, if you are an adventurer who seeks to have more fun wandering in the forest and enjoy the openness of the sky, hammock camping is the choice you should be considering. I am not saying tent camping is bad, just with all the discussions above hammock stands out the best for camp lovers. Yet, it has nothing to lose trying something new because you still have your friends around during camping. As mentioned above, there are different ways to enjoy your hammock camping, either with the stand or chair, they are all great.