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Ultimate Gaming Room Setup That You Will Like

Having a boring atmosphere while doing anything can affect your performance and especially your mood. The same goes for gaming. The gaming industry has been gaining a lot of attention within the last few decades among children, teenagers, and even adults. As you have known back in the days, gaming arcades are designed with different types of lights and creative decoration. This is not just for the view but also creating a gaming atmosphere for the player to immerse with what they are playing. From gaming arcade to gaming console to the most advanced technology that was created just for gaming has been improved as well. Both console and PC gaming are now designed to be compact, lighting, and advanced features to improve your gaming experiences. The only question is how can you arrange these items for your preferred design. Well, you are right on spot. This article will ensure to provide you with information that you will need to help create the ultimate gaming atmosphere to meet your preferences. 

The Equipments That Are Needed 

1. Gaming PCs

When building a gaming setup you must have a gaming PC. Gaming PCs have different price ranges from $500 to the top tier luxurious and most expensive gaming PCs $40,000. Unless you are extremely rich to buy a gaming PC that costs $40,000, most people will buy gaming PCs that cost from $500 to $1,500. With the maxed-out specs of a PC, you will be able to enjoy the newest technology of CPU, GPU, large RAM, and cooling system.

These are the most essential parts of most gaming computers. Whereas, for low-budget PCs, you will also be able to play most of the gaming. However, you will not be able to experience the whole gaming experience because the PC’s components are old or incapable of supporting the game. Nevertheless, the first step of building your dream setup, a gaming PC is needed for that purpose.  

2. Gaming Consoles

The gaming console is similar to a PC as well. It acts as a power source to power the whole system up. Gaming consoles have come a long way. Ever since then, gaming consoles remain popular among people across the globe. The games that consoles and PC offer are quite different from each other. It comes down to the consumer which one they prefer that each device offers. The leading market of gaming console brands currently is Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony PS5. PS5 and Xbox both have the latest hardware that they had to offer for the consumer.

Furthermore, what is more convenient compared to a PC is that the console does not have to be connected with a mouse or keyboard to control, all they need is their controller to control the console; they both do need a monitor to display pictures.

3. Monitors

The next essential device that is needed is a monitor. The monitor is like a dependent TV. It depends on the PC or console for the monitor to display pictures. Monitor also varied by size, resolution, and price. The more expensive the monitor is the more it will provide the user with the highest resolution, frame rate, and size. The most expensive monitor can output up to 8K resolution, 144 Hz, 16:9, 10 bits, and up to 32 inches.

But, since many people cannot afford to buy a monitor that is that expensive. There are also many other impressive monitors that the market can offer. There is even a 1080p monitors under $100. Even though the monitor did not support more than 90 Hz, this will be favored by those who are looking for a low-budget monitor that can still satisfy their gaming experience.   

4. Gaming Mouses

Now that the computer is running, to control the computer, you need a mouse. It is also part of the essentials of a computer. For gamers, a good mouse plays a really important role in their gaming experience, especially in some games that depend on the mouse to make certain moves. Gamers have specific types of mouse that they need. Nevertheless, the gaming mouse has also been improving to provide the gamer with the most satisfying experience. Gaming mouse can also be expensive depending on the brand, features, and quality.

Recently, the wireless gaming mouses have started to rise because of the features and quality it provides. Razer and Logitech wireless mouses have provided the user with fast responding clicks and multiple buttons to match their needs. Without worrying about how to organize the wire that connects the mouse and PC, a wireless mouse just needs a USB to connect to work. 

5. Gaming Keyboards

As important as the mouse, a keyboard is a crucial component that is needed to input information to the computer. Gamers have the choice to use an expensive keyboard or just the normal one because they could provide the input with a slightly different experience. Keyboards have also been improving as the mouse did. Same as the mouse, they can be really expensive, ranging up to $200.

Regardless, gamers usually preferred mechanical keyboards because of the sound, tactile, durable, and faster. With the new technology, mechanical keyboards now offer wireless models and even with RGB light. It looks like a small change, but for those that experience it first hand, they will understand the difference between a cheap and expensive keyboard, a normal and mechanical keyboard, and an old and new keyboard.

6. Gaming Headphones

Some games are coded with unique noise and sounds. So, for the player to hear that specific sound, either the player must turn on the speaker to max volume or the player must isolate themselves to complete silence with a device that could help them hear as well. That is why headphones are created. Gaming headphones in specific are different from normal headphones.

Thanks to the new technology, gaming headphones now are completely wireless that connect via Bluetooth and even voice canceling option; the same goes for the normal headphone. Gaming headphones are created for the sole purpose of gaming. They usually have a microphone attached to the headphone. Moreover, gaming headphones are built for extensive usage and comfortability. You can find some really good headphones that are under $160, whereas for some normal headphones to have these features they will be overpriced. 

7. Computer Desks

 Now that we have all of our essentials, what is left is to arrange that equipment. That is why a long and big table is needed in this situation. The table will also play a big role in the overall appearance of your setup. If you have the best monitor and PCs with bad-looking desks, the whole beauty will be degraded. The computer desk, in general, has plenty of spaces for your monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Some desks also have an electric motor to adjust the height to match your preference but they are a little more expensive than the normal desk.

If you are on a budget, you can make your DIY desk as well. You can buy two large drawers as the legs and a large wooden plank with something to divide in between the plank and the drawer.

8. Gaming Chairs

Most of the important components to building your setup have been covered already, all that is left is to find yourself a comfortable chair. Finding an important chair is fairly important as the other part as well. Sitting in front of the monitor screen for an extensive amount of time will cause your posture and serious back problems. Thus, there are many kinds of chairs that could support your posture and seating positions.

A gaming chair with a footrest is common among the consumers that are looking for a gaming chair. They are built to be comfortable for longer usage. The chair is attached with wheels below them to be more versatile. The back of the chair can also recline to 180 degrees. Moreover, the chair came with an adjustable armrest and seat height for you as well. Even so, there are also alternatives such as an office chair if you want to be more economical that also provide similar features.

9. Camera/ Webcam

When buying or building a PC, it does not have any camera attached to it, the same goes for monitoring. You may think that why does gaming also need a camera. It is true for most cases; however, for those that are filming themselves or playing live streams, they need to show their face to the viewer. When choosing a webcam, you have to be a little bit picky with the product.

You need to be aware of what the product features and endurance that are sold to consumers. Since modern cameras now can also be used as a webcam, many streamers started to use expensive cameras such as Canon or Sony as their main webcam instead; because they provide more detail compared to a small webcam. Still, a normal webcam can always do the job for you, since some of those cameras are expensive. Having a camera does not only for the sole purpose of gaming, but it can be also used for work purposes such as meetings, especially during this pandemic, we ought to work remotely.

10. Wifi Router 

This is the last important device that is needed in building your setup. Without an internet connection, you will not be able to play games online nor do any internet-related jobs. Setting up a wifi router is not hard; since you will be assisted by the company that runs the internet for their client.

They will be the ones who set up the internet connection for you and all you need to do is to select or internet plan, speed, a capable wifi router that can support a high-speed internet connection. Ever since the last decade, most games have become online and now in addition to the pandemic, working and gaming will depend heavily on internet connection. Thus, having a good wifi router that distributes high internet speed will be a benefit for your gaming experience and workflow. 

Decoration Ideas for Your Gaming Setup

Now that you have all of your equipment, the next step is to start arranging and decorating your room. Of course, everybody will have a different taste of design that they like. But a room that is decorated is better than a room that is not right? It will create a whole new mood for the user to be immersed in what they are doing more. Here are some of the ideas that could help you set up your dream gaming room

1. Minimalistic

This design will be in favor of those that are minimalistic. Minimalistic are people that do not want a lot of objects to be presented in front of them. They prefer few objects that are essential with little design that matches their taste. They want their gaming station to be as simple as possible, which made it the easiest among other designs. Firstly, you need to place your monitor at the center of the table and adjust it to match your eye level.

The next step is to set your keyboard, headset, and mouse to a position that will be convenient for you to reach and use. For your PC, you can set it on the table to use its ambient light as a design as well or you could set it below the table to make your desk more spacious. Lastly, you can put a lamp, a picture, a stationery stand, or maybe a plant to make it more vibrant.

2. Streamer Design

Most of the streamers will use all of the equipment that we have covered above. Those that stream live on the social platform will need a powerful gaming PC, multiple monitors, a microphone, and a quality camera. The reason behind why they need a powerful PC is because they are gaming and streaming at the same time. And, the reason that they needed two monitors is that they could set one monitor to interact with their viewer and another is to game. Steps to design a streamer are: firstly, you must set up a long table.

Secondly, consider where you want to set your PC on the table or below the table. Next, set two monitors near each other along with your mouse and keyboard. Then set a camera that will show you at your best angle. And lastly, streamers must make their background and face lit up. Therefore, they must set LED lights around their room that can change color accordingly to their preference.

3. Ambient Setup

The ambient setup will strongly focus on the lighting of the room. Those who prefer ambient neon light, are more likely to be immersed in the surroundings of their room and gaming setup. Instead of normal light, they will attach those LEDs changing light around their desk and room to give off the ambient vibe.

For the PC setup, the foundation and basics of most of it will be similar to others. From mouse to keyboard to PC’s fans, cooling system, and graphic card, it will all be set to show off that built-in ambient lights. Those that favor ambient light will make their room dark and show only the ambient neon light to set the mood for them.

4. Natural Lighting

While some prefer to play at night and others might not. Others might enjoy the natural light that the sun provides with the greenery or civilized view of the country in daylight. They might just enjoy the bright and airy of the day. With the basics such as PC, monitor, keyboard, and mouse set to their preferred location, the setup will come to life by itself.

Usually, to have natural light, they must have their table near the window so that sunlight can enter the room. They need a long table that could withhold the size of one or more monitors with spaces to put a PC on or off the table. With little tweaking design on the table, the beauty will show itself.

5. Vintage Setup

There are big fans that adore the childhood experiences that they have with different games. They would like to have a collection of old consoles and gaming devices. This setup will keep the player feeling like time will stop for them when they enter the room. It will be a mess if trying to cram all the gaming consoles and old games in one room.

Firstly, you should pick which consoles and games that are the most memorable to you and put them on different shelves that are near your current setup. That current setup will lean more toward console gamers. Because back then, PC gaming technology is still new to the industry. So, setting up you will just need a monitor or TV and set it in at the center of all the shelves. Thus, with the old consoles and games surrounding TV, that nostalgic feeling will stick forever. It will keep bringing back memories when entering that room.

6. Extreme Setup

We all have that one friend that is extreme when it comes to gaming. They will have every newest gaming equipment that the year has to offer. This setup comes with a big budget as well. To make this setup possible, a big room will be needed. Console and PC will each have their dedicated monitor.

Mostly they will have a TV as the monitor console and a high-end monitor for the PC. On the PC table, they could have all the necessaries with multiple monitors because why not. Whereas, the console will have a TV as its monitor. If they want to play games on the console, they will sit on the couch and there will be a gaming chair when they want to game on PC.

7. Low Budget Setup

Not all people will be able to afford all of that expensive equipment. But, you could always take the first step to everything. Even with a small budget, you can make your gaming setup look at its best. This setup will require mixing in both the minimalistic and natural light setup together. With a minimalistic setup, you will limit to only certain components that matter on the table. Even if you cannot afford the LED light, arranging your desk near the light source will keep you lit during the day and at night all that you need is one lamp to keep everything lit.

You can always build a DIY table to set your equipment on there. With some low-budget monitors and PCs, you will also be able to enjoy your gaming experience and still look premium.